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has been infected with a virus
has been infected with a virus

A Virus is a corrupted data stream injected into base objects and deployables by the T-REK. A Virus can be removed from an object by an expert hacker using a REK.

The T-REK may be used to infect facility systems by uploading a virus into the Main Terminal. The possible viruses for the Main Terminal and duration are listed below.

  • Unlock all base doors - 60 minutes
  • Disable enemy radar - 15 minutes
  • Removes all radar abilities for friendlies that are in the SOI of the infected facility
  • Disable linked benefits - 15 minutes
  • All module benefits are disabled
  • Continent/Cavern lock benefits will not be disabled
  • Will not effect other linked bases
  • Access all enemy equipment terminals - 2 minutes
  • Double NTU resource drain - 60 minutes
  • NTU will deplete at twice the normal rate

Viruses in the Main Terminal can be switched every 2 minutes or removed by an expert hacker at any time. The enemy will be informed of the virus 30 seconds after it is uploaded, and will cause the facility lights to flash green. The virus information will also be available by double clicking on the facility on the Continental Map, where it will show the type of virus installed if your empire installed it, or "infected" otherwise. Viruses cannot be installed into a base that is not powered. If the generator is destroyed at a base with an active virus, the virus is temporarily disabled. Viruses cannot be removed from neutral bases (except by Black Ops).

Viruses can also be uploaded into enemy equipment, turning it against their former owners for up to 15 minutes. The following equipment can be infected so that it will hinder the enemy instead of helping them: