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Knights of The Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic is an outfit led by founders TRxTopDawg and TRxMadDawgx that fights for the Terran Republic on the Emerald Planetside server.

They specialize in Heavy Infantry and Fast Response. Also known as KOTOR or TRx.

They focus on teamwork and brotherhood, this causing their motto to be "Win Together Die Together." When a new member desires to join KOTOR, they must first start a completely new character. In this way, they have developed and grown with the outfit, having built their character and developed their gameplay to match that of the outfit's principles and ideals.

They hold themselves to a high standard of gameplay, not allowing their own members to do such hated and despciable acts as Spawn Camping, uncalled for Team Killing, even going so far as to disallow any member to be certified in any form of BFR certification.

Officers of KOTOR: TRxTopDawg, TRxMadDawgx, TRxSmokin, TRxReindeer, and TRxShade.

Also TRxMadDawg has the sexiest voice, he makes me want to turn a bit fruity if ya get me.

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