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A Warpgate is a gigantic, hemispherically-shaped ancient artifact used to teleport individuals and vehicles from one continent to another. There are 3 to 4 warpgates located on each continent and sanctuary, each linked to a planet light years away.

If the warpgate's host continent is locked, or it is linked to a locked continent via a continental lattice chain, it becomes a Broadcast Warpgate (BWG) and can transport an individual across the Galactic Lattice to any planet in the lattice chain.

You cannot enter warpgates that link to an enemy sanctuary (found on enemy Home Continents). These warpgates are shaded the color of the controling empire on the Continental Map. The bubble will act as a solid structure for enemies (thus you cannot fill up an ANT in these enemy warpgates).

Structurally, a warpgate consists of a large central platform, from which emits a column of warp energy that shoots up and then encloses the entire construct from top to bottom in a protective warp bubble. Three thick support bracings extend outward from this central platform like spokes on a wheel, each an equal distance from the other two. From these spokes curve upward and inward three massive columns.

The warpgates are the land-based alternative to the High Altitute Rapid Transit Shuttle (HART).

Game Lore

The warpgates were the first Ancient artifacts discovered and inspected by the Terran Republic expeditionary teams. It was the warp energy signatures passing through the gates and along the lattice network that the scientists were able to harness to create the weaponry, vehicles, and equipment.

The warpgates were also the first source of human Re-birthing, later known as respawning. After a human passed through the warpgate energy beam, he could no longer stay dead. Instead he would respawn within one of the warpgates scattered throughout the Pre-Bending planet of Auraxis.

The Terran scientists utilized this amazing property of the warpgates to create the Matrix Panels and Respawn tubes used in the various facilities on each continent.

It is said that the scientists discovered how to create approximations of the Ancients' vehicles and weaponry by studying the warpgate energy.

Every day, the scientists and technicians of each Empire attempt to decipher the warpgate energy patterns, testing ways to manipulate them for their own ends in order to dominate the galaxy.