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Battle Experience Points

Battle Experience (BEP) is gained from exploring and interacting with the game world, elimination of enemy soldiers and from the capture of base facilities. When enough experience is accumulated, the character will increase in Battle Rank.

There are four principle ways to earn Battle Experience Points:

Kills: Killing enemies earns experience, based on how long they have been alive (longer equals more BEP, although there is a cap) and what sort of armor/vehicles they are using (bigger equals more BEP). A trooper fresh out of the respawn tube who hasn't had time to equip anything is worth 1 BEP, whereas a Gunner Variant BFR who has been active for an hour or more can be worth at least 2500 BEP. This BEP is awarded to the soldier who got the kill shot, regardless of how much damage he or she may have done prior to the kill. Members of the killing soldier's squad who are in the same Zone also receive a percentage of the BEP awarded for the kill, modified by their proximity to the Experience waypoint. Kills made by a gunner in a vehicle you are driving will also earn you experience (driver and all gunners share the experience, but not passengers), whether you are in a Squad together or not.

Facility Captures: The formula used to calculate this amount is complex, and is based on how many unique enemies and squadmates were within the SOI during the ten minutes prior to and during the hack itself and for how long. This figure caps at 2250 BEP per capture.

Training: Experimenting with new things earns experience. Usually only relevant to very new soldiers, any object with a hovering gold/yellow exclamation mark logo above it will generate a pop-up window explanation and some BEP upon closer inspection. This rarely goes over 200 BEP a time, but can be helpful at early stages. These pop-ups are awarded for many things, including visiting a continent for the first time, using a looted gun for the first time, discovering Monoliths and so on, but are only ever awarded once. (See the Character Info 'Training' tab to keep track of these.)

ANT Runs: A soldier successfully refueling a facility using an Advanced Nanite Transport (or BFR NTU Siphon) earns experience. The experience gained varies depending how much NTU the base requires to reach 100% capacity, and is rationed out to the ANT owner in 20 BEP ticks during refueling. Squad mates within the same zone also receive 20 BEP for each tick. Note: You will only receive BEP for filling up a neutral base if it has a friendly hack on it.

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