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 ScatterCannon MAX
ScatterCannon MAX Unit

Certification Required Anti-Infantry MAX or Uni-MAX
Empire New Conglomerate
Armor 650
Primary Mode Wide Spread
Secondary Mode Medium Spread
Tertiary Mode Tight Spread
Magazine Capacity 40
Ammunition Heavy Shotgun Shells
Special Ability Shield


The New Conglomerate Anti-Infantry MAX—the Scattercannon— is comparable to a heavy bore shotgun on steroids. Packing a whopping 40 shells per magazine, a larger shell and three fire modes, mowing down infantry has never been easier. The first fire mode is for shorter ranges with a large spread for close combat. The second fire mode is for mediums ranges, so it has a slightly tighter spread, require more precision when aiming. The last fire mode, set for longer ranges has a very tight spread and is suitable for long range shots, though it takes the most finesse to aim.

Shots to kill (Average Spread in a Close to Medium Distance 5-15 m):

Standard Exo-Suit 3-4 shots
Agile Exo-Suit 4-5 shots
Reinforced Exo-Suit 6-7 shots
MAX 15-18 shots

(The above numbers are taken with 100 Health and full Armor; no MedKits, Implants or Empire Incentives applied)