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Advanced Mobile Station

Type Utility
Role Mobile Spawn/Equipment Resource
Certification Required Ground Support
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Very Poor
Top speed 68 kph

Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)

The Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) provides a mobile spawn point, giving greater flexibility than the fixed spawn points of Towers and Facilities. Also adding to its benefits, it has a five-second shorter spawn time than Towers, making them even more useful.

When deployed, it is surrounded by a cloaking "bubble" making it impossible to see except when very close to it. Undeployed, it is very visible, ponderous, and while well-armored, not apt to survive very long in the field.

Early designs featured two spawn tubes on either side, but more recent designs allow soldiers to spawn anywhere within the cloaking bubble. As of 2.7.6, the AMS also features two equipment terminals (on either side of the vehicle), a matrix terminal to bind soldier's DNA (at the front) and a respawn panel (at the rear).

Virtually no offensive assault—and many defensive stands—can be successful without one or more well-placed AMSes.