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Certain vehicles require that they be "deployed" in order for their abilities to be used. "Deploying" renders the vehicle immobile. "Undeploying" is simply the act of leaving the "deployed" state in order to then drive the vehicle.

The following vehicles can be "deployed":

Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) : Deploying the AMS engages its cloak bubble and allows soldiers to spawn, deconstruct, use the Equipment Terminal and bind. Undeploying reverses the procedure and allows the AMS to be driven again. Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT) : When deployed in a Warpgate or Geowarp bubble, the ANT gathers NTUs. When deployed near an NTU Silo, the NTUs are transfered to the silo, powering the facility. Flail : Deploying the Flail allows its Dispersion Cannon to be used. Router : Deploying the Router allows a telepad to be deployed and allows the link to be established. Switchblade : While the Switchblade can fire while "undeployed", its rate-of-fire is greatly increased if it is deployed.

To deploy and undeploy, the default key is 'B'.

"Deploying" can also refer to the use of the ACE by a Combat Engineer. The items that can be created from an ACE are often called "deployables."

The Terran Republic MAX's "anchoring" ability is essentially the same as "deploying" it, but is never referred to in that way. Similarly, BFRs can crouch and improve fire rate, accuracy, and shield recharge, similar to TR MAXes.