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Version 2.7.6 (May 27, 2004)

  • We are introducing alternate Vehicle loadouts, mounting different weaponry to existing vehicles. The first variants include the Fury, a Basilisk variant equipped with a fixed-forward firing rocket launcher, and a set of Empire-specific Deliverer configurations: Aurora, Thunderer, and BattleWagon
  • The AMS is being redesigned. It will now feature two equipment terminals, a matrixing panel and a deconstruction panel. The spawn tubes are being removed, since players now spawn in the cloak bubble, not in the tubes. The AMS will retain all of its current functionality, while adding an additional equipment terminal. Also, the AMS is now deployed by the driver from inside.
  • Empire Incentives are being improved. These have been described here.
  • Session stats are displayed on the HUD so that players can see their kill/death ratios, the amount of time played, etc.
  • Tower SOIs will show up at all zoom levels on the continent map.
  • Relative Population Indicators will allow players to see the population distribution of the three Empires across the world. Players will be able to view what percentage of an Empire is on a given Continent.
  • Continental Dominion Indicators will display at a glance which Empire holds dominion over each continent on the Global Map.
  • An issue that caused difficulty of attaining and achieving locks with lock-on weaponry has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow Implants to be used with no Stamina drain.
  • Changed certain properties in the texture loading process that would cause stuttering and a reduction in framerates. This should result in smoother graphical performance, particularly after first loading a continent.
  • The Vehicle HUD has been improved. Drivers and passengers/gunners will see arrows, indicating each gunner's viewing direction.
  • Toggle Animation Culling will save properly between sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that would trigger the Empire Switch Timer, even though the player had not switched Empires.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some avatars to become invulnerable in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the chat window to scroll to the top when it is resized.
  • Deployables will no longer become elevated off the group after being deployed.
  • Maelstrom grenades will do damage to generators.
  • Players must now leave a geowarp bubble before they can warp out again. This is done so that players do not instantly get warped out of the cavern when arriving near the teleportation beam.
  • Players without Core Combat registered who attempt to enter a Geo-Warp will get a message letting them know they cannot pass through unless they register the expansion.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow ACEs to be equipped while Surge was activated.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Infiltrators to be more visible at high zoom levels.