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Type Close Support Bomber
Role Close Air Support
Certification Required Air Support
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon Anti Vehicle Bombs
Secondary Weapon 35mm Cannon
Tertiary Weapon 25mm Chaingun
Ammunition Used Liberator and Vulture Bombs, 35mm Chaingun Bullets, and Liberator and Vulture Tailgun Bullets
Occupants 3 (Pilot, Bomber and Tailgunner)
Handling Good
Top speed 96 kph (184 kph with Afterburner)
Note Requires Bomber Ace Bronze to operate


This close-support bomber is a modified Liberator airframe. It has a smaller payload but improved speed and handling, as well as afterburners. It lacks the pilot's downward-facing 'bomber mode' camera and cannot equip anti-infantry cluster bombs.

The pilot's 35mm nose cannon has a high rate of fire and more focused armor damage, but is less damaging to infantry and aircraft. There also less rounds per clip, with only 75 which can be completely spent in approximately 5 seconds.

The bombs that the Vulture carries are significantly more powerful against armor than the anti-armor bombs of a standard Liberator. A standard A/V bomb does 600 damage, and the Vulture's bombs do 1500 damage. This increase in power is offset by the fact that it carries less bombs and only permits five bombs per clip. The release rate of the bombs is also somewhat slower, as it the fall speed. Vultures can also release bombs at a slightly lower altitude than the Liberator. Their combination of superior speed and maneuverability with the limitations of bomb payload make the Vulture best suited to low level close support bombing.

The tailgun of the Vulture also differs from the Liberator. The Vulture's tailgun holds only 100 rounds per clip instead of 150, but it is more powerful than that of the liberator, and can be used against ground targets with much success.

The trunk of the Vulture is slightly smaller than the Liberator, able to carry 8 4x4 boxes instead of 9 like the Liberator. Because of this, Liberator favorites cannot be seamlessly loaded into the Vulture, requiring a seperate favorite slot for dedicated Vulture users.

Only experienced Liberator pilots are cleared to operate Vulture. Obtaining one from a flight vehicle terminal will require not only the Air Support certification, but also a Bomber Ace Bronze Merit Commendation. Like the Liberator, the Vulture requires a Technology Plant lattice link or Sanctuary vehicle pad in order to be purchasable.