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The ArmorDeth Ant Trap & The ArmorDeth AMS Trap

 Trap nears
completion at a Searhus
Back Door
Trap nears completion at a Searhus Back Door
 Trap nears completion
at a Searhus
Back Door
Trap nears completion at a Searhus Back Door

What is it? Well after watching all my CE get EMP'ed over and over again. I though, what if an ant was blocking the door and they emp'ed all my mines and it blew the ANT and killed them all? So I tested it out and guess what? It works!

Every squad has at least one CR3 or greater, so most infantry assault squads will EMP an area before moving on the backdoor. So why do you still put up CE? It slows them down enough for your squad to react to the drop.

Lets go over the game plan, it's very simple.


  1. CE's, mine the area outside of the backdoor, place one mine in front of the door. Use all your spits to create a kill zone.
  1. Get an ANT. Park it at the backdoor, test it by trying to squeeze by. If you can't then its setup properly.
  1. Boomers! Deploy all twenty boomers around the ANT and mine field. Store the sticks in your locker or place them in a stairwell.


  1. CE's, place a Motion Sensor right on the backdoor in the middle. So you open the door, look up and place the motion sensor. You can not pass the sensor without crouching under it as an Agile (NOTE - Reinforced and MAXES cannot pass). UPDATE - Place a spitfire right below the motion sensor, it will take some practice, but the door should hide the spit.
  1. Go to the gen room area, we all know the fastest way to the gen room right? Well after you breach the backdoor and enter the main area, take the right and place a motion sensor on the door leading to the basement. Place another motion sensor on the main gen room door, center it and try to get by. If you can get by any sensors, destroy them and try again.

So lets recap

CE the hell out of the backdoor area, place your sensors correctly, park your ANT, grab your lasher or thumper and have fun!

UPDATE: The ArmorDeth AMS Trap

What if you changed the ANT to a deployed cloaked AMS? Let me tell you what happens when you do that. Fun! When an enemy drops they will not see the CE due to the cloaked bubble. Once they land and fire off an EMP, boom baby! The mines and boomers will go off and destroy the AMS and we all know how much damage an AMS can do.

Fun Stuff!


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