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Implants are cybernetic devices that are installed into various points, or Implant Slots, of a soldier's body. These devices enhance a soldier's abilities to super-human levels in speed, strength, the senses, stealth, healing, or battlefield awareness depending on the implant chosen.

Your character can earn up to a maximum amount of three Implant Slots through gaining Battle Ranks.

  • BR6 - First slot
  • BR12 - Second slot
  • BR18 - Third slot

Once a slot has been earned, the actual Implant in it may be changed as often as needed; unlike Certifications, there is no change-over timer. The only limitation is access to an Implant Terminal.

Upon installation, Implants require a brief enabling time, known as the Initialization timer. Once enabled you may switch the implant on and off as needed. When activated, implants can quickly use up your stamina, leaving you drained and unable to run, so caution is advised. Running out of stamina will also cause all implants to turn off, although they can be immediately reactivated once stamina returns to 20 or more points.

Enemy Electro-magnetic Pulse (EMP) blasts and Jammer grenades will deactive all implants, forcing them to reset their timers before they can enable and be activated again.

Implants are installed at Implant Terminals, located in the HART building of your Empire's Sanctuary, and in Bio Laboratories.

Implant Index

Implant Icon Stamina
Timer (mm:ss)
Audio Amplifier 1sp/second 01:00
Darklight Vision 2sp/second + 3sp to activate 01:00
Enhanced Targeting None 01:00
Melee Booster 10sp/knife swing 02:00
Personal Shield 1sp per damage point taken+1.7sp per second 02:00
Range Magnifier None 01:00
Regeneration for every 1hp: 2sp (running) - 1.5sp(standing) - 1sp (crouched) 02:00
Second Wind None; Adds 25sp when activated 03:10
Sensor Shield 1sp/sec (Cloak) - 3sp/sec (Std.) 3sp/sec (Agile) - 3sp/sec (Rexo) 01:30
Surge 1sp/sec (Cloak) - 1sp/sec (Std.) 2sp/sec (Agile) - 3sp/sec (Rexo) 01:30

sp = Stamina Points

Note that you regain 1sp/sec while standing and 2sp/sec while crouched, though the use of the regeneration implant is a special case (see above).