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Live Version (November 9, 2004)

  • Fixed an issue that required the BFR AI cert to use the TR Gunner Mortar weapon.
  • Increased Decimator damage against BFR's.
  • Slightly reduced Decimator range.
  • Slightly increased Empire handheld AV weapon (Phoenix, Striker, Lancer) damage against BFR's.
  • Slightly lowered BFR chassis armor absorption vs. small arms fire.
  • Adjusted BFR Flight version shield regen slightly lower and total absorption slightly higher.
  • Once BFR shields are beat down to zero they take slightly longer to come back online.
  • Increased the Fury's Hellfire projectile damage against BFRs.
  • Slightly increased Medium Battle Tank main gun damage against BFRs.
  • Moderately increased Empire Specific Assault Buggies' main guns damage against BFRs.
  • Increased EMP duration against BFRs to 20 seconds if shields are up and 30 seconds if shields are down.