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Certification Required Standard Assault
Empire Terran Republic
Primary Mode Slash
Secondary Mode Chainblade Attack
Ammunition -
Inventory Dimensions 1 x 1 (Knife Holster)
Magazine Capacity -
Zoom None


Standard issue in all Infiltration Suits, Standard Exo-Suit, Agile Exo-Suit and Reinforced Exo-Suit, the Chainblade is a generally a weapon of last resort. (Default key: 5)

However, if a Soldier can manage to get close enough to use it, it does do a considerable amount of damage, particularly in secondary mode, with the aid of a Melee Booster implant.

Many Infiltrators use this weapon exclusively, as it requires no ammo, and no holster space, only a steely nerve.

Secondary mode activates the powered chainsaw edge of the blade, doubling the damage per stab, but also creating a distinctive and clearly audiable noise as it does so.

(Note: This weapon is part of the Soldier's Armor and so cannot be looted.)