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Unnumbered Patches

LLU Goes Live - August 14, 2003

We are releasing a patch to the client and server on August 14, 2003 that contains the following items:

  • Facility capture takes on a whole new level of action now that the Lattice Logic Unit is live! Details on the LLU are in the online manual.
  • The Lasher now has Damage Degradation. While the projectile still goes the same maximum distance, it now degrades in its strength, as does the lash itself. Lasher damage against armor (MAXes, vehicles) has been reduced by 30%.
  • The Starfire AA MAX has had its damage degradation removed and its damage has been decreased about 20%. This reduction is only different from the live version at ranges of less than 50 meters. The removal of damage degradation, however, will be very noticable against targets at greater ranges.
  • The Basilisk and the Wraith have been combined into the new 3 point ATV cert. Players who already have Wraith or Basilisk certs will keep the ATV cert for now, but will be "in debt" to the certification system by one point. If those players choose to forget the ATV cert, they will have to have 3 available points to buy it again.
  • Dynamically calculated Certification Point system: This is to resolve certain bugs where a player would forget a Certification, but those certification points would not be available to them.
  • An exploit that would force a base to deplete its NTU Silo by destroying the Matrix Panels has been fixed.
  • The Find Waypoint button will no longer be available when selecting a drop location from the HART shuttle.
  • Squadmates in vehicles now have their names displayed in gold.

July 31, 2003 - Client-side Patch

We will be releasing a client-side patch Thursday, July 31 at 3 AM Pacific. The patch contains the following item:

  • Enemies will no longer appear as moving and invulnerable corpses to the client.
  • Marauder and Enforcer physics and handling have been fixed.
  • A zone crash associated with backpacks has been fixed.
  • Newly created vehicles should no longer deconstruct on the creation pad.
  • Dropped ACEs deconstruct properly.
  • Lightning drivers will no longer lose their reticule while on steep slopes.
  • Improved Availability of Login Servers. In other words, if the Launchpad says a server is up, players will be able to connect to it reliably.
  • Fixed a zone crash from using Warp Gates while in a vehicle with multiple occupants.
  • The planetside_crash.log file now pulls more information to aid in debugging crash issues.
  • An issue with new characters getting stuck in the world has been resolved.
  • A client-side memory leak when zoning was fixed.

July 20, 2003

We will be releasing a client-side patch July 20, 2003 at 3 AM Pacific. The patch will contain the following:

Bug fixes

  • Spawn tube doors are fixed, this also fixes numerous issues where hacked doors would not open.
  • Players who have more than 100 health due to empire balance adjustments will have full health bars.
  • Players with 1 health point will no longer appear dead on your client.
  • Your UI settings will now persist between logins.
  • You will no longer have a strange chat message appear when you are revived.
  • Liberator and Skyguard certifications appear on myPlanetside.
  • You can no longer get stuck in offline training mission 1 if you clear your inventory.
  • /who teams results are now formatted correctly.
  • /ignore player results are now formatted correctly.


  • Medic/Engineer/Hacker icons will appear over friendly heads if they are holding the associated tool, i.e. Medical Applicator, BANK, Nano-dispenser, REK.
  • Advanced medics are able see dead people who have not yet released their corpses on the proximity radar when they have a Medical Applicator equipped. Likewise, dead players who have not yet release their corpse can see the position of Advanced Medics who are holding the Medical Applicator.


  • Faster clean up of objects based on object density. In other words, if there are many objects appearing, such as backpacks and destroyed vehicles, they will decay faster. This is intended to help client and server performance in large battles.
  • Grief Points work on a sliding scale, where grief accumulates faster as a player accumulates more points in a brief period of time. The threshold for grief accumulation to begin moving up this sliding scale has been increased. This should reduce the grief generated in extended vehicle collisions.
  • Change to nano-dispenser fire effect.
  • Performance monitor can be toggled pressing Shift and the period key. This will allow you to view your framerate and ping times and packet loss.
  • The Lasher's refire rate was increased, lashes more often and in a slightly larger space.
  • The Thresher's flux cannon damage has been increased 50% against players and its range has been increased 50%.
  • The maximum Cone of Fire on the Mini-Chaingun has been reduced. The Cone of Fire expansion now starts later in the burst and expands more slowly.
  • The Skyguard's flak cannon range has been doubled.
  • Marauder health increased by 1/3.
  • Thresher health increased by 1/3.
  • Empire logos on HART dropships are fixed and look better.
  • The Lightning now sports 360-degree turrets.
  • The Hotspot threshold has been decreased. Six people involved in a battle will generate a Hotspot. Hotspots will also last longer.
  • Updated physics engine to Karma 1.3.

Client-Side Patch - July 11, 2003

A client-side patch is being released today that should resolve many of the crash issues related to sound that players were experiencing.

Test Server Patch - July 10, 2003

A patch to the Test Server is currently available that should resolve crash issues related to sound cards. Please post your feedback on the Test Patch to the Test Server Feedback Forum.

July 9, 2003 - Small client patch

A small patch went in today that improves framerate in certain problem situations. We will also continue in improving framerate optimizations. There are no other changes associated with this patch.

July 4, 2003 - Server-side patch

The servers were brought down this morning for a brief server-side patch that should resolve the issues experienced after the July 3 patch. We apologize for the inconvenience these issues may have caused you.

Liberator (7-3-03)

Client and Server-side patch (July 3, 2003 2:45PM Pacific on All Servers)

  • The 3-Person bomber known as the Liberator is now available. The cost is 3 Certification points.
  • Certain issues with doors have been fixed.

July 2, 2003

Introducing the PlanetSide Test Server

Today, we are introducing the much anticipated Test Server for PlanetSide. Stop in and preview the new features, content and fixes before they hit the live server. The Liberator will be making its debut on the Test Server today as well.

Here's how to get to the PlanetSide Test Server preview:

Patch Planetside normally. Copy (do not move) the entire Planetside directory to a new location on your computer. In the PS directory, find "PlanetSideTest.exe" Make a shortcut to the test patcher on your desktop. Run the patcher and, if desired, hit "play" to enter the Planetside test environment. You'll go to a server selection where three servers will be listed. Select the "Public Test" server. At this point you'll be able to enter "Public Test" normally.

Client and Server-side fix (6/21/03 3:30AM Pacific on All Servers)

This is a client and server-side fix that will take approximately 1.5 hours to update all the servers.

  • The ability to purchase a Liberator certification has been removed until the Liberator is available in-game (very soon). Note that you can still sell back the Liberator certification (regular cert sell-back rules apply).
  • Certain voice assets were swapped incorrectly between male and female, but are now fixed.
  • Hotspots should be working as intended.
  • Various fixes to the Skyguard are made in this patch, including its display on the radar and on the statistics page, as well as various animation and sound related fixes.

Server-side fix (6/7/03, 3am)

  • A fix was made that prevents characters from being "stuck in the world" and unable to log onto a specific server. This patch doesn't affect very many players, but they were unable to play while this bug existed. It's resolved now.
  • An extremely rare server performance issue occurred today on Markov. That is now resolved.

Server-side fix (6/6/03)

The zone crash that affected Cyssor on Emerald last night has been resolved. All servers were updated with that fix.

Server-side fix (6/5/03, 6pm Central)

A server-side fix was made to fix the lag issues seen today. That is resolved now and all servers are updated with that fix.

Server-side fix (6/5/03)

A stability fix was made to the servers this morning. All updates have occurred and the servers are back up and running.

Small downloadable patch (5/31/03)

The reports of a lockup bug continued to accumulate, so we came in today to make a fix. The fix is client-side only and does not require a server cycling. Just patch and enter the game.

Server-side Fixes (5/30/03)

  • The "first-time experience" exploits are prevented. In addition to the fixes made yesterday (that sealed up 90+% of those exploits) we have also resolved an issue affecting some users where the first-time event wouldn't be permanently registered. That's resolved now and first-time experience is (properly) one-time only.
  • A large memory leak was located and squashed on the servers. This stabilizes our worlds further.
  • A logic error in base capture experience has been found. The system is now changed so that a) squads that participate in captures will typically gain more xp than in the previous system, and b) the exploitability of the system by "cap squatters" (individuals from squads slipping in at the last minute to rake xp without risk and sharing that bonus with other squadmembers who were also not at risk) are virtually eliminated.
  • Additionally, the xp awards for resecuring a base (hacking the console back after attackers have initially hacked it) have been increased substantially, so defenders that stick around and fight to retake a base should see increased xp awards for doing so.

NOTE: These xp changes apply equally to lone wolves as well as squads. Both will see increases.

Holiday Game Updates (12/21/2006)

Update Features

More Holiday Fun:

Watch out for the new objects appearing all over Auraxis during the holiday. In certain locations you might run across a snowman, gingerbread man, sled, or xmas tree. Exploring the world to find these objects might just earn you a few Merits:

  • Holiday: Snowman - Earned by finding all 9 snowmen.
  • Holiday: Gingerbread Man - Earned by finding all 10 gingerbread men.
  • Holiday: Spirit of Youth - Earned by finding 7 sleds and 7 xmas trees (there are 9 of each).
  • Players that participate in the event and earn the awards may get a special prize at the end of the event!

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Engineering merits should all list requirements
  • News Ticker has been updated with news about new merits and the xmas event
  • Equipment Support merits should all list requirements
  • Players that use /humbug to hide the santa hat should now be able to keep their usual hat flair (i.e. beret, etc)

Game Update (01/17/2007)

Update Features

  • Xmas hats, presents, lights in trees, etc. have been turned OFF
  • /appeal should no longer crash the game when logged in with Quick Launch.

Game Update (03/30/2007)

Undocumented update

  • Cake, pies, and donut boxes replacing NC, TR, and VS backpacks respectively for April Fool's event

Game Update (05/03/2007)

Undocumented bug fix

  • Fixed Darklight icon not displaying above both friendly and enemies names. The bug was introduced with patch 3.12.12.

Anniversary 2007 Update (5/18/2007)

Happy Four Year Anniversary, PlanetSide!

For PlanetSide's Four Year Anniversary, we designed three New Pistols (one for each empire), a Missile Launcher with Propelled Explosives, and an experimental Flamethrower weapon. Each weapon can be obtained by every player with the exception of the Flamethrower.

As you read the details below, you'll notice that there are a few limiting factors on the Missile Launcher and the Flamethrower. However, take note that we have enabled all weapons to be available to all players from 5/18/07 to 5/25/07 regardless of the limitations. We wanted everyone to have the chance to try out the new weapons and participate in the mayhem of the Four Year Anniversary! Enjoy!

PISTOLS - The Spear (NC) / The Stinger (TR) / The Eraser (VS)

These Empire specific pistols are designed to be very lethal towards Infantry units but lack a punch in the armor piercing department

  • 10mm Pistols
  • Very powerful versus infantry units
  • Primary firing mode is an automatic single shot, capable of firing long distances with better than average accuracy
  • Primary firing mode has a slower rate of fire
  • Secondary firing mode will unload all remaining rounds in the clip to produce a high amount of damage
  • Secondary firing mode has a side effect: your stamina will be completely drained, so use it with caution
  • Secondary firing also has a large cone of fire so be close to your enemy units if you want to do massive damage
  • Pistols deliver very low damage towards vehicles and equipment


The Scorpion uses a range-finder technology to fire 'smart' missiles from long distances

  • Built in Range Finder to lock in distances where your enemies are "dug-in"
  • Launches 'smart' missiles to the locked in distance while carrying grenade type bombs, unleashing several smaller explosives in every direction
  • Ability to zoom long distances to establish locked in range (unable to shoot at close targets)
  • Hitting objects before the missile reaches the locked in range will disable the missile's arming ability
  • Available without any certification cost to 2 year veterans (based on your character's creation date)
  • If not a 2 year veteran, it may be purchased for 1 certification point if Special Assault has already been learned


The Dragon is a powerful flamethrower that works best at close ranges. The Dragon is an experimental weapon and may not be accessible at all times in PlanetSide. Due to the special effects of the flames, the Dragon may be removed from many playing conditions that cause adverse performance issues. Although many limitations have been put in place to limit performance issues, the Dragon will be classified experimental until such performance issues are deemed non-existent or believed to be minor.

  • The Primary fire mode unleashes a stream of fire for short range tactics. The fire is slow moving that is very devastating to anyone caught in the way
  • This stream can be released in short bursts or until your fuel is gone
  • Secondary fire mode launches a concentrated ball of fire called a Sunburst that will explode after a short time or when it hits the ground.
  • The Sunburst's explosion deals massive damage to anyone in range.
  • If Sunburst is close enough to the ground, it will also scatter small fires around that burn anyone who tries to walk through it.
  • Secondary fire mode requires fuel capacity to be at its maximum
  • Fire from Primary and Secondary fire modes will not only directly hurt soldiers passing through armor, but it will ignites them as well
  • The Dragon is only useable by 3 year veterans (based on your character's creation date) and includes a three minute purchase timer

6th Anniversary Update (6/18/2009)

BR32 Fix (6/17/2009)

  • Patch fixes issues with Battle Rank 32+ players causing others to crash and other weird anomalies.

Server Merge and Lasher nerf (08/25/2009)

  • Players moving from Werner to Gemini will receive a Werner Distinguished Veteran Merit
  • Players who receive a -W or -G appended to their names will be allowed a one-time use of the /rename command
  • Outfits that receive a -W or -G appended to their names will be allowed a one-time use of the /outfitrename command (leader only)
  • We have increased the minimum number of characters allowed from 8 to 24
  • The Lasher's LASH damage has been significantly reduced
  • The Lasher's AP Damage has been reduced (while in AP mode) (Not actually implemented in-game for unknown reasons)

Game Update (10/15/2009)

Game Update (10/22/2009)

It's that time of year again when all the Ghouls and Goblins come out to play however this year they've decided to change things up a bit, gone are the flying skulls and red glowing skies which have been replaced with the Spooktacular Bonus Experience Days. This years event will run from October 22nd through November 2nd, and feature some really howling experience gains. Base captures like you've never seen before, cavern captures that will make you want you want get that next BFR imprint, and much more! So go ahead and spend some time with us and let’s get that much needed Battle Experience and see if we can reach Battle Rank 40... If you dare!!!

The Chainblade Massacre will also pop up from time to time throughout the Spooktacular Days so be prepared! All players will be able to use Cloaking infiltration suits without need of the certification on Extinction (this is our version of ghosts).

  • In true Halloween tradition, players will only be allowed to use a Knife to kill other players.
  • Players are urged to get proper Implants before entering the zone such as Darklight in order to see all apparitions.
  • The zone has limited vehicles.
  • Knives’ secondary mode will now damage vehicles and equipment. This damage should slightly increase with Melee Booster implants.
  • Oh, and don’t worry about damage from vehicles trying to mow you over. That has been changed. Nor should you worry about damage from an exploding vehicle. Consider yourself in a zombie state under these circumstances.
  • If a base is drained of its resources, hang tight as they will be replenished almost immediately.

Now lets get prepared for some serious experience gain and have a haunting good time!

Game Update (11/03/2009)

Greetings Auraxians!

The Spooktacular Days are now over and all systems have been restored back to normal.

Thank you and we'll see you on the Battle Field!

Game Update (12/09/2009)

Greetings Auraxians! We are pleased to announce to everyone that PlanetSide now supports both Windows Vista and Windows 7. While players could work around the compatibility issues with Vista and Windows 7 before, the client should now be completely functional without having to use compatibility mode and/or other tricks.

We appreciate your patience with this change and please make sure that you spread the word to all your fallen Vista and Windows 7 comrades!