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Equipment Terminal

Equipment terminals provide troops with weapons, ammunition, armor, support equipment, and vehicle ordnance. Ancient-Tech weaponry can also be acquired if an Equipment Module is installed or a Cavern Lock is linked through the lattice.

These terminals are crucial to any war effort and can be found in numerous places. Each Advanced Mobile Station, or AMS, supplies two on either side of the vehicle. The Respawn Building, VR Training Rooms, HART building, and towers in each Empire's Sanctuary contain two or more equipment terminals.

All base facilities provide equipment terminals in the Respawn rooms and the main lobby. Interlink Facilities and Dropship Centers contain extra teriminals on the top level in the alcove beneath the radar dish.

Every tower also contains equipment terminals in their Respawn rooms.

To access an Equipment terminal, approach and press the use (default "G") key. This will open up the acquisition window for the terminal, as well as your Inventory window. You may double-click on an item or click and drag that item into your inventory.

From the acquisition window you can also save up to 10 unique loadouts of arms and equipment under the Favorites tab. This allows you to quickly arm and supply yourself for various situations after respawning.

Equipment terminals can be destroyed, and must be repaired to 50% of their health before they can be used again with a Nano Dispenser.

The Cavern Facilities possess Ancient-Tech versions called Ancient Equipment Terminals. They provide the same equipment as their surface counterparts, including Ancient Tech weaponry. Ancient Equipment Terminals cannot be destroyed unlike the surface Equipment Terminals. See Core Combat.

There is a known issue regarding hacked equipment terminals not functioning properly.