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Version 2.3.6 (December 5, 2003)

  • The Battle Concentration Initiative has come to the live servers. Click here to learn more about it.
  • The Lodestar has arrived! Learn more about this new vehicle transport here.
  • Player Recertification is also live for the first time. Learn about the new cert options here!
  • Ancient Module Cradle are now located in the main room of facilities, instead of the Generator room.
  • Generators will no longer take excessive aggravated damage from Plasma grenades.
  • FPS optimizations have been made to reduce the load on the CPU.
  • Surge Implant users will no longer be able to warp around the screen and become extremely difficult to hit.
  • Improved vehicle handling and climbing capabilities.
  • Players were unable to see Orbital Strikes that were initiated before the area come onto their screen. This issue is fixed and players should be able to see all Orbital Strikes.
  • Players will be able to remap the "Toggle Special Ability" key properly.
  • Players who bail from an aircraft and pull out a weapon will no longer leave smoke trails in the sky.
  • Platoons will now display member squads each on a seperate line by default.
  • Vehicles should no longer pull to the right when driving.
  • The HART timer has been changed to five minutes.