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Terran Republican Guard

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Terran Republican Guard has existed as one of the top TR Markov outfits for as long as the Auraxian war has prevailed. Working as a highly efficient platoon, the TRG is a medium sized outfit which specializes in elite special operations. Whether it may be dropping Vanu generators, surprising our enemies from a sudden attack in the rear, or stealing mods from hostile bases, you can count on the TRG get it done rapidly and with great precision.

Known for it's desire to contest even the greatest of competitors, outfits such as the Terran Republican Guard and the '666th Devil Dogs' go head to head on a uniform basis.

We are alive and active and recruiting this very day, a positive attitude and a will to work together with your teamates is all that is required. New recruits are welcome and experienced players are encouraged, we offer training and a challenge you can find nowhere else.

Every so often TRG holds a raid night, which is a theme night that encourages different styles of play from the norm. Do not be suprised to see 30+ TRG maxes rush past the feeble defenses of our Vanu Sovereignty and New Conglomerate enemies, or 15 full liberaters flying overhead with the TRG logo displayed proudly and prominently on the underbellies of these magnificent craft.

Support is provided to all players. There is always a ride and a medic by your side.

One of the keys to TRG success is the use of teamspeak, which is very strongly encouraged.

Join us at or contact one of us in game: Sardus, Sabrex, Dameclies, Remmy, BeerTruck, Unik, or any other commander.

Friendly Markov outfits are encouraged to contact one of our commanders and work with us as one co-ordinated group for even greater destruction of our enemies.