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Version 3.9.5, released October 4, 2005.

Looking for Squad System Enhancements

To help Squad Leaders advertise and manage the roles of their squad and to help the Solo Soldier find active squads looking for their skill set, we have upgraded the Looking for Squad system.

  • Squad Leaders can now describe their squad in a short, free form, text dialog, choose which zone they are planning to (or currently) fight on, define squad member positions and define certifications are required for that position., assign squad members to positions, view available soldiers who are flagged LFS that meet the requirements of positions within their squad, and publish their squad to the master list of squads that are looking for squad members. The squad leaders can also save these squad set ups in a special bank of 10 favorites.
  • Solo Soldiers looking for a squad can browse the master list of squads who are looking for members. They can view squad descriptions, who are in the squads currently, the individual role descriptions for available slots and the certification requirements for those slots (if any). The soldier can then, via the new interface, automatically join the squad if the squad is flagged as "auto join", send the squad leader a request to join or send a tell for more information.

Project Rabbit

The Rabbit gameplay promotes combat in open areas; quite a difference from your normal gameplay. When the event starts, a unique anomaly appears at a random location on a designated continent, planet or Core Combat cavern. A message will be displayed in the chat area announcing where.

The Rabbit Status Window will appear on the screen for all players while they are on the zone that is hosting the Rabbit event. Score points for your empire by carrying the Rabbit ball or gain bonus experience for participating in battle. A point is scored every five seconds the ball is held. The empire that reaches the point goal (shown on the Rabbit status window) wins.

Controlling the Rabbit Ball for a significant amount of time will ultimately result in a benefit being obtained for the Empire that does so. These benefits can vary, but may include gaining uncontestable control for the continent or cave where the event took place for a period of time, access to enemy weapon or equipment, bonuses to experience or other perks.

Gameplay Changes

  • TR MAX Adjustments: Enabling the TR MAX units to shoot and defend themselves while anchoring down and disabling the anchor.
  • Surge Implant: Added a Surge implant effect. This effect is not visible while the avatar is cloaking.

Vehicle Changes

  • The vehicle purchase terminal and BFR terminal now clear the queue when the terminal is destroyed.
  • Mosquito should no longer deconstruct on the flight pad if another vehicle is acquired afterwards in the caverns.

Equipment Changes

  • Placing the Gauss Cannon ammunition near any Repair/Rearm Silo should no longer break the Equipment Terminals of the base.
  • Blocked knives from being saved to favorites, loaded from favorites, and swapped into holsters from inventory.

First Time Help Changes

  • Added first time help messages for Battle Rank 21 and up.
  • Removed false messages stating that experience gained due to first-time help events was affected by empire incentives.
  • The first time help for Drugaskan should now be accessible.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Waypoints should now work correctly in the virtual reality training zones.
  • The clear button within the locker should now work correctly.
  • Switching a holstered BANK with another item should no longer cause it to appear sideways on the avatar.
  • Colossus, Peregrine, and Aphelion will no longer appear twice in the kill stats display
  • When running the LLU you will now see a redish waypoint over the base you need to go to. Your radar will also display an icon indicating it's destination