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Holiday Spirit of Youth





Holiday Spirit of Youth



Awarded for finding Christmas trees and sleds on each of the 9 surface continents (excluding the Oshur Battle Islands) and in each of the caverns during the Christmas holidays of 2006 and 2007.

This merit is required to gain access to the Super Repair Kit during the Christmas holiday season.

Christmas Tree and Sled Locations:

Surface continents:

  • Amerish - Grid: O-9 (Just South of exact center, In the trees)
  • Ceryshen - Grid: P-10 (Very top left corner); J-17 (east of bottom,middle behind some trees)
  • Cyssor - Grid: G-8 (West side); J-16 (east of tower, look around the biggest tree)
  • Esamir - Grid: P-12 (Easy to find)
  • Forseral - Grid: P-11 (On the little island to the South East)
  • Hossin - Grid: I-8 (At the very bottom, between center and right side)
  • Ishundar - Grid: L-11 (West side of the lake)
  • Searhus - Grid: G-14 (Between Top Center and Top Right)
  • Solsar - Grid: I-5 (Just East of the big hill)


  • Adlivun - Grid: I-11 (In the middle)
  • Annwn - Grid: L-14 (In the tunnel)
  • Byblos - Grid: I-10 (On top of the giant yellow thing hanging from the ceiling)
  • Drugaskan - Grid: F-14 (At the very top, under some rocks)
  • Supai - Grid: K-9 (Right in the middle)
  • Hunhau - Grid: L-7 (Easy to spot on the right)