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OUTCASTERS is the largest Werner TR outfit and one of the most established Outfits in Planetside.

Originaly formed by Outcast and Reload and now lead by The Council of Five - a group of highly experienced players dedicated to the outfit. With a talented team of battle hardened Senior Officers we are able to run multiple squads and Platoons in fast and furious action to crush and defeat our enemies.

We are always looking for new recruits and the best squad leaders are always quickly promoted as we aim to be the best outfit out there.

Current council members are: AndyW Mimi Hillfort MISteve NookiEPoring

Send any of us a tell in-game for an invite to the outfit.

Checkout our homepage.

Outcasters have made a name for themselves as an outfit that is large enough to accomodate both easy going players and more tactically minded individuals. We run regular events including the famous 'Elite Squad' - aimed at highly tactical and organised assaults on key facilities to sever links and provide support to the main TR zerg.

Our Motto is "As One!".