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Continental Data

Category: Inner Planet
Climate: Desert
Landmass: Continent
Terrain: Plains, cliffs, mountains, plateaus, oasis, rocky shores
Facilities: 9
Towers: 18
Active Warpgates: 4
Active Geowarps: 1
Capitol: Interlink Facility Hapi


The large central oasis of Solsar is flanked by two warp gates on plateaus nearby, making it a unique tactical situation.

There are relatively few roads and very rough off-road terrain here, making the bases more defensible to standard massed armor attacks.

Source: Planetside In-game descriptions, pre- and post-Bending.

This continent is also refered to as Sol. Solsar is a Home Continent with a Sanctuary link to Horus. See Home Continent for the current empire sanctuary links.

Base Facilities

Amp Stations

Bio Laboratories

Dropship Centers

  • Hapi (Sub-Capitol)

Technology Plants