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Fragmentation Grenade Pack

Weapons Using: Punisher, Thumper, Rocklet Rifle
Empire: Common Pool
Inventory dimensions: 3x3
Quantity per pack: 12

Fragmentation Grenades Packs are explosive devices, similar to the handheld Fragmentation Grenade, launched from the Punisher or Thumper. Unlike rockets, after being launched, grenades travel in a ballistic arch. When fired from a Punisher or a Thumper set to primary fire mode, the grenade detonates when it comes into contact with a solid object. When fired from a Thumper set to secondary mode, the grenade detonates after two seconds from the time of launching. This allows the grenade to be bounced off walls or other surfaces to hit targets indirectly. Fragmentation Grenades are effective at damaging infantry as well as armored targets. Furthermore, Fragmentation Grenades have a generous splash damage meaning a direct hit is not required to damage a target.

Fragmentation Grenade Packs can also be fired from the Rocklet Rifle. When fired in this manner, the explosive charge travels in a straight line. The charge explodes when it comes into range of an aircraft or reaches its maximum range. If the round comes into contact withany object other than an aircraft, the round will not explode causing very little damage. When used in this manner, the charges are refered to as Flaklets. Flaklets are effective at damaging aircraft. However, for any other circumstance, Rockets should be used instead.

Because Fragmentation Grenades are considered anti-vehicular weapons, they cannot pass though the energy shields of BattleFrame Robotics.