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In-Game Chat

In-game chat is the system that players use to communicate with each other, as well as receive information regarding the current battle.


The Chat HUD

The main interface of the in-game chat system. This is where all communication is sent and received.

(See Also: HUD Chat Pane)


The chat HUD is made up of different sections and buttons.

Status Area

This is the top half of the chat HUD that displays System Messages

Chat Area

This is the bottom half of the chat HUD that displays Chat Messages

Text entry

This section is at the very bottom of the chat HUD and is used for text input


This button opens up the chat HUD options dialog box, allowing a user to define what channels they wish to see, as well as set the default channel to send messages to from the text entry area


This button opens up a second chat HUD that can be customized in the same way as the main chat HUD.

Status Messages

These messages are not actual user communication, but messages regarding the status of the current battle, the system and/or server, and other events of importance to the player.


These messages indicate kills among players. They are formatted in the following manner:

At times, the names will appear in brackets ( [name] ) to indicate that the specific player was inside a vehicle or turret at the time of the kill/death.

These messages can be used to determine the current status of the battle at hand, from warning nearby players that an enemy is near to informing friendly soldiers that an enemy vehicle has been destroyed.

These messages are color-coded per empire.

  • White Name - This can occur if a player is killed by projectiles that are not "owned" by anyone. This can occur with slow projectiles like Flail projectiles and Orbital Strikes when the player that fired them logs off before the projectile hits. Being killed by a flail weapon directly (before it hits the ground) will also result in white killspam. Special CSR abilities like meteor showers or CSR Orbital Strikes also appear as white in the killspam. In these cases the name of the weapon/vehicle that killed the player is listed under (ie. orbital_strike_big, orbital_strike_small, Mosquito) and a white skull as .

Note: If a player's squad-mate is killed, their death notice will appear to the player anywhere on the server, regardless of range to squad-mate.

System Messages

These messages usually indicate server, system, and/or player information and status. They are white in color by default. Typical messages include:

  • Character has been saved
  • Cavern closure warnings and/or notices
  • Implant Status
  • System errors

Tactical Information

These messages are the same color as System Messages, but provide tactical information pertinent to the empire. Messages include:

Vehicle Warnings/Status

These messages are either Red or white, depending on the message.

  • Vehicle Stolen! will appear if an enemy Jacked your vehicle or one of your deployed One-Manned Field Turrets. The message will also display in the center of your screen.
  • Deconstruction Warnings will be desplayed in red if your vehicle is too close to certain objects and will deconstruct if not moved within the specified number of seconds. A white message is sometimes displayed to indicate a successful exit from the deconstruction zone.
  • Gunner/Passenger status: White messages will indicate the name of the player that has just exited or entered your vehicle.

Chat Messages

Chat messages are player to player communication on different channels.

Chat Channels

The following is a list of all the chat channels, their respective colors, and information about each.

  • Local - White - The default channel for most clients. This channel is seen by any friendly soldiers within 20 to 30 meters of each other. This channel also has certain rules:
  • Each empire has a separate local channel, in that you cannot pick up or transmit to an enemy local channel
  • Any voice macros within local range used by both friendly and enemy soldiers will appear in this channel to you
  • Broadcast - Purple - Channel used for communicating to all friendly soldiers within the same friendly SOI or continental wide if continent is locked by the player's own empire.
  • Private - Blue - Used for private communication between players. Can be used to communicate with enemy soldiers.
  • Squad - Yellow - Channel used by squad members to communicate with eachother with unlimited range, even on other continents.
  • Squad Leader - Light Brown - Channel used by squad leaders to communicate with eachother across an entire continent.
  • Platoon - Orange - Similar to squad chat, it allows members of the same platoon to communicate with eachother at an unlimited range.
  • Platoon Leader - Brown - Channel used solely by leaders of each squad in the same platoon to coordinate platoon movement.
  • Outfit - Green - Channel used by members of the same outfit to communicate with eachother at an unlimited range.
  • Command - Teal - Channel used by soldiers of the same Command Rank (Command Rank 2 or above), as well as continental and global messages sent by friendly CR5s, with range varying on command rank. Situation Reports, reports that a Commander can send to Commanders that are one level above him, also use this color.
  • Command Rank 2 - Small range, close to the range of an SOI
  • Command Rank 3 - Medium range, close to about 3 SOIs
  • Command Rank 4 - Continental range, seen by all CR4 soldiers on the same continent
  • Command Rank 5 - Global range, seen by all CR5 soldiers on the server
  • CSR World Broadcast - Red - This channel can only be used by CSRs, yet can be seen by all players of all empires on the same server.
  • CSR Tell - Used by CSRs for private communication between the CSR and player, similar to the regular tell, except for its color and tag.

Sending Messages

Sending messages is straight-forward. By default, a player simply has to hit Enter in order to activate the chat entry mode.

Sending to different channels

Players can send chat to different channels using a variety of commands. | | | | --- | --- | | * Local Channel
* /local
* /l
Broadcast Channel
* /broadcast
* /b
Private Chat
* /tell - Sends a private message to a specific player

* /t
* Double-clicking on the name of a squad-mate

* /reply - Replies to last private message received

* /r
* Backspace key

Squad Channel
* /squad
* /s | * Squad Leader Channel
* /sl
Platoon Channel
* /platoon
* /p
Platoon Leader Channel
* /pl
Outfit Channel
* /outfit
* /o
Command Channel
* /command
* /c
* /sitrep
* For CR5 continental and global chat commands, please see Commands
Black Ops Channel
* /b
* /c |

Custom Colors

It is possible to customize the color of chat messages you send.

Please see Color Codes for details on how to do this.