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Minignus infiltrator startup

Right this is for the REALLY new people ;)

First up remember that if you want LOADS of kills this not be the setup for you. If you are new it's probably best to start with heavy assault and the like.


There are many certs that are useful with infiltrator:

  • Combat engineering: Probably the best cert you can have as an infiltrator. Boomers can be used to take out unwary snipers, turrets and unwary troops with ease. By deploying a boomer at the back door of a facility you can get the odd kill very easily. Boomers are also useful for taking down generators, spawn tubes or terminals meaning a single infiltrator can really slow down enemy proggress. Spitfires are handy in the field or on defence. They are likely to draw enemy fire from you but it may mean the enemy can realise you are nearby so strategic placing is encouraged. Mines are great for infiltrators as they are seriously dangerous against vehicles and MAXes. Even if the enemy sees you you may be able to get a kill depending on your reactions. If a MAX sees you simply jump behind him and lay a mine to take off about 1/2 health and armour.

Boomer damage table hijacked from iluvthequasar's thread:

*1 boomer: ANY terminal, ATV, infantry, Spitfire turret

*2 boomers: Lightning, MAX, any Buggy, Reaver, Mosquito, Unmanned FV, Spawn tube

*3 boomers: Deliverer and Variants, ANT, Liberator

*4 boomers: Wall turret, MBT, Sunderer, AMS, Unmanned GV, Galaxy, Lodestar

*6 boomers: The Generator

  • Advanced hacking: An easy if boring way to help your empire is take towers behind enemy lines. If you take a tower you are distracting troops of the opposing empire or providing a helpful spawn point for your own troops. You can be handy to your empire by being the first into a CC and taking it quickly. Also consider certing uni-MAX and taking one out in an enemy base for some nasty suprises... Also it helps to have a way to replenish your supplies in the field and using adv hacking you can easily get a few aces or anything else you need. Of course you can also steal an enemy tank and if you find one an AMS.
  • Air cav: Some people see this as a MUST HAVE for cloakers. I can see their point as it gives an infiltrator a quick and safeish mode of transportation. The reaver is an undeniably handy and versatile vehicle useful for recannaisance, tank busting, infantry killing, hotdropping, dogfighting....the list goes on. The mossie is a better choice for the infiltrator though because of it's speed, immunity to radar and inbuilt radar makng it the better choice to hotdrop and perhaps infiltrate enemy facilities.
  • Ground support: Both the router and AMS have their uses to the cloaker. Firstly we have the AMS. Because of it's cloaking bubble and equipment terminals it's the obvious choice for a rallying point. Also the fact that you can spawn at it is an obvious plus. However the players that spawn from it are likely to attract attention and the odd OS making it risky. The router's telepad can be a hell of a use for the cloaker as it allows you and you're mates easy access to the enemies base helping you in any objectives you may have.
  • ATV: Now we come to the wraith. It is fast and maneuverable and more importantly invisable which is of course handy for getting from A to B. However it really comes into it's own as a supply depot. It's massive inventory means you can stuff it full of medpacks, ACEs, pistols....anything really. Deploy it near an objective (a bridge that needs mining, a gen that needs dropping, snipers that need killing) and you will see how useful it really is. Why not use an AMS? Well the wraith is less noticable. It is unlikely to be seen by the enemy if you hide it well and even if it is noticed, most people will ignore it anyway. And it is only one cert point with the switchblade, basilisk and fury thrown in too! Bargainous.
  • Uni-MAX: As said above can be very fun if combined with advanced hack. Imagine spawning at a safe base and walking into a deployed dual-cycler max.... ouchie. Also it's nice to make a change now and then.


  • Darklight: Useful to keep an eye out for the competition. Makes you look kinda stupid if you get stabbed by an enemy cloaker while going for that sniper kill. Although i tend to not kill other cloakes unless they attack me (honour and all that) some people will just go for them and turn into a cloaker hunter. It's really up to your playing style.
  • Sensor shield: I can't stress this enough this is ESSENTIAL FOR ALL CLOAKERS. It stops spits form killing you without you getting a small chance, stops mossies nailing you, nerfs the enemies radar and stops gen pain fields... all these things are useful for the cloaker in their day to day lives (and deaths...).
  • Surge: can be handy if you don't have access to transport or if you are in a tricky situation and need to escape. I tell you a surging infiltrator is difficult to see let alone HIT. I remember when i had it and kept surging out of a surrounded spawn room and dropping boomers behing enemy squads camping the corridors. 5 kills in one go...ouch.
  • Enhanced targetting: You never really notice this one unless it isn't there.... Being able to see health of everything is one of the best abilities in the game. You can see that the lightning over there will explode with one more mine or that sniper will keel over if you whack him with your knife just once.... Being able to see if someone has DL activated is great to and can be a real life saver.
  • Melee booster: This really depends on your play style. Killing someone in only two knife hits is satisfying but this cert is only worth it if you are knifing people constantly. Most people will pass this over in favour of just using a normal melee attack, a pistol, grenade or ACE.
  • Personal shield: I'm sure there are some cloakers who use this but there is no real point. If you get attacked your only real defence is to kill the enemy or run away before they draw their weapon. It's best left to the surgile or rexo players of the world.
  • Audio amplifier: A nice implant for scouts as you can see (or in this case hear) the enemy coming from a while off. This can get you out of many tricky situations but again it depends on your playstyle. If you are spending long times outside hunting AMS', vehicles and snipers you may not have much of a need for this implant.
  • Second wind: Lets face it this isn't the best implant in the world. In fact it's pants. Giving you the slightest of boosts (25 health + 25 stamina) in situations that will probably leave you dead anyway. Even the players who play as grunts and expect to take heavy damage don't take this.
  • Regeneration: Perhaps you may be able to find use for this but that stamina could be used elsewhere (say on DL or SS) and in my personal opinion (and here comes all the pro cloakers laughing at me) if you are shot at you are compromised and probably dead already. If you find you can escape these situations you may find this handy.


  • Knife: The ever handy and versatile knife. If put on secondary can kill agiles and rexos in about 3 swings and if teamed up with melee booster (see above) kills in two. Useful on pheonix users as they are unaware of their surroundings when firing and also useful on snipers.
  • Plasma grenades: Being standard assault all can benefit from these. 3 direct hits if timed correctly takes down an agile/rexo and one direct hit on an infil will kill it dead (needless to say DON'T drop them.) with 30 of them able to fit in your inventory this means you can kill a fair few before having to resupply. HOWEVER the first thing someone will do if plasma grenaded in the middle of nowhere is turn on dark light. The best way to counter this is to sit on towers and walls as for some reson noone will check there. Go figure...
  • Frag grenades: As they make an explosion similar to many, many, many things in ps and make a comparable noise these are stealthier than plasma and do more damage to MAXes and vehicles. However they do less damage to infantry as a tradeoff and it is unlikely that you will be able to kill a MAX or vehicle with it. Probably best to stick with plasma grenades in most (but not all)cases.
  • Jammer grenades: Ahhh the ever useful jammer. It can be used for many things as a cloaker. Stopping someone being able to detect you with DL or AA is the most used one. Also you can use 'em to clear mines or silence spitfires. Stopping tanks firing at you or your mates is great as well. My favourite use for them though is as traps. By sticking down a solid mass of boomers in say, a tech plant vehicle driveway you can blow up pretty much ANYTHING. You can detonate enemy mines to clear CE and blow up enemy tanks in a semi-ironic way or use them to set up explosves around a generator and take it down in one smooth blow.
  • AMP: The automatic machine pistol is useful but not my preferred choice. It can spew out bullets fast and is excellent for close up combat. It however does suffer from massive COF and isn't exactly subtle or covert... I think it does have the shortest TTK though (testing it out soon) so if you get the jump on the enemy you can probably take them down.

  • Repeater: Powerful, accurate and long range (for a pistol) this is the closest thing a TR infiltrator gets to a sniper rifle. It can be used to hit enemies from out of DL range and if you are carful you can avoid detection.

  • Mag-scatterpistol: The shotgun-like pistol of the NC is only useful upclose for obvious reasons. It's heavy power means you can easily kill off wounded enemies (which is a little unsporting) or cloakers. It's short range means you have to exercise caution but if used correctly this is a good weapon.

  • Beamer: The VS laser-gun-type-thing (technical term) is powerful and fast firing. It is similar to both the AMP and repeater and is cited by a few as the best standard assault pistol available. It's projectiles are easily spotted though meaning you can be asily seen and VS ammo can be hard to find in the field if you run out. These are minor gripes though.
  • Spiker: The ultimate pistol, this is only available if you own core combat. It has potential to have MASSIVE stopping power and it's maelstrom/lasher style lashes make it excellent against tight formations or in indoor combat. It chews up ammo quickly though and has the unfortunate ability of making you light up like Still very worth it though.
  • Laze targetter: Not as useful as it was thanks to the lack of flails these days, this tool used to be very handy. It is still useful for marking targets for OSes, EMPes or bombing strikes. Can be used to point your squad towards an AMS if you find one too.
  • CUD: Obvious uses really so i don't need to say much. EMP is one of the first things to do when you drop from a gal.
  • Med app: Some people carry these in order to keep themselves alive during an infiltration but they take up 1/5 of your inventory losing you space that could be used for an ACE or other useful item. Personally I use Medi-kit drops. I simply stick a couple of med kits in my locker or in the trunk of a vehicle and use them when i need them. I could also hack a term or steal them from other people but this is less likely to attract attention while infiltrating.


  • Keep an eye on what you are doing: If you are playing as an infiltrator and not a cloaker try to keep an objective in mind. The difference being between these two roles is that a cloaker will try to infiltrate an enemy base in order to help his or her empire whereas the cloaker is playing for kills (yes I know these are large generalisations). When infiltrating keep in mind your objectives at all times. For example you may be sneaking into an enemy base to destroy and hold down vehicle terminals or going for a generator drop then remember to head in those directions and try not to get side tracked (this doesn't mean you shouldn't go for targets of oppertunity....Just try to get done what you set out to do). If you are playing as a cloaker then try to keep aware of both your target and the people around him. Many a time have i seen a cloaker being gunned down by someone watching their teammates back.
  • Remember to hide: You are NOT invisible unless you are completely still not using anything. Although it is pathetic some people use a gamma hack to see cloakers a lot easier than usual, however you can easily counter this out in the field. If you see someone who has noticed you pretend you don't know and move to get behind a large hill or rock and lay down a spitfire or two and if you have time a couple of mines. As soon as he gets there he will be shot, exploded and then he is easy pray to a quick knife attack. Grrrr. Also remember to use cover when possible. It makes you harder to see and hit.


If you like killing tanks while in cloaker mode go to Haskins' ninja tank busting thread : here