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Instant Action

The Instant Action command allows a player to be spawned directly into combat from anywhere in the game.

The location a soldier is sent to is partly determined by the number and frequency of Hotspots on the various Planet maps, along with friendly population already in place, along with Empire Lock and Population lock

To use Instant Action, either type '/ia' or '/instantaction' into the chat box, or press Esc and select from the menu.

As with Recall, location affects timer:

  • Friendly SOI: 10 seconds
  • Neutral SOI or open country: 20 seconds
  • Enemy SOI: 30 seconds

Activating Instant Action will turn off (but not uninitialize) implants and deactivate cloak (if any). Moving, jumping, cloaking or activating implants will all cancel the Instant Action countdown.

Upon arrival, your Personal Waypoint will be reset to indicate the location of the Hotspot that you are meant to respond to.