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All Equipment Terminals, Landing Pads and Repair/Rearm Silos allow the current infantry or vehicle loadout to be stored in one of a number of presets.

Held in the 'Favorites' tab of the terminal interface, these allow the soldier to instantly equip himself with a previously chosen setup, and get straight back to business. There are ten slots available for different infantry loadouts at the Equipment terminal.

Favorites cannot store looted enemy-specific equipment (Use a Locker for these). Ancient Technology weapons can be stored as a favorite, but the actual weapon will not be equipped unless the facility has an Equipment Module or you are in the caverns. Note that AT Ammo will always be equipped.

Likewise, a vehicle's Trunk contents can be similarly saved and recalled as needed. The Landing Pad and Repair/Rearm Silo share a bank of five preset slots.

It is a good idea to prepare at least one of these infantry slots in advance of major battles, as physical access to the Equipment terminal of an Advanced Mobile Station can be very limited if lots of people are trying to get equiped at once.

(Note: The Vehicle Slots will store anything currently in the trunk, not just ammunition for that vehicle. This is particularly useful for unarmed vehicles, such as the Wraith or Lodestar. By taking time to manually load these trunks beforehand in Sanctuary, the exact contents can be replicated at will in the field. e.g. a trunk full of Adaptive Construction Engines as a Wraith favorite.)