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Adaptive Construction Engine

Soldier holding an ACE
Soldier holding an ACE

Certification Required Combat Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Deploy Remote-Detonated Charge (Boomer)
Secondary Mode Deploy High Explosive Mine or Disruptor Mine (Selectable with the "Change Ammo" function)
Tertiary Mode Deploy Spitfire Turret, Cerberus Turret or Shadow Turret
Quaternary Mode Deploy Motion Sensor or Sensor Disruptor
Ammunition 1 Unit
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 1 use per unit
Zoom None

Adaptive Construction Engine (ACE)

Key to setting up defenses and used for special operations, the Adaptive Construction Engine is a multi-purpose device used in the construction of defensive perimeters. A single-use device, the ACE can be deployed as seven different items by adjusting the firemode selection.

All deployed ACE and FDU devices that you own will show as a different color in the gameworld and the Continental Map. The default color is yellow. Each device can also be deconstructed by double clicking the deployable icon on the continental map and selecting to deconstruct it.

'''NOTE: The Shadow Turret, Cerberus Turret, Sensor Disruptor, and Disruptor Mine require additional certifications, and cannot be used with merely the Combat Engineering certification.

The options are:

Remote-Detonated Charge (Boomer)

Commonly referred to as a "Boomer", the 1st mode available on the ACE allows for the construction of this deadly remote detonated charge. Originally intended to be used as a perimeter control device, Cloakers and other enterprising induviduals have adapted them to be used as offensive weapons, particularly useful for destroying generators and Respawn tubes. Boomers can be attached to almost any static surface, indoors or out, and as long as the trigger remains intact, will remain in position, ready to be detonated. Boomers can be detonated by Jammer grenades and EMPs. Friendly Boomers are indicated by a green ring surrounding the deployed Boomer, and will not detonate to friendly jammers/EMPs. Up to 20 Boomers may be deployed by a single Combat Engineer at any one time.

High Explosive Mine

The enemy of many a soldier, this proximity mine fortunately can tell friend from foe, but that's about it. Lay and pray is the motto to follow after deploying this devestating weapon. Harmful to both infantry and vehicle alike, the weapons litter the battlefields. While not as versatile as Boomers (they cannot be deployed indoors and cannot be remotely detonated), they make up for it in sheer force. Susceptible to standard fire, Jammers and EMP blasts, the weapons are easily enough destroyed. Like Boomers, friendly Mines will display a green ring surrounding them and cannot be detonated by other friendly Jammers/EMPs. Up to 20 Mines may be deployed by a single Combat Engineer at any one time.

Spitfire Turret

The bane of many a soldier, this deployable turret is a common sight on the battlefield. Set to automatically fire at any adversary (soldier or vehicle), the "Spit" is a dangerous battlefield obstacle. EMPs and Jammer grenades will disable them for a short period of time. Other methods of bypassing them include walking (default by holding left shift) and crouch walking (This DOES NOT work when the Spitfire Turret is inside a Facility SOI that has the Interlink Benefit), or using Sensor Shield. Be aware however, using a weapon or taking damage (ie from falling) will reveal your presence to the spitfire regardless of sensor shield or crouch walking, and it will fire upon you anyway. The detection and firing range of the Spitfire Turret is 50 m. Up to 10 Spitfire Turrets can be deployed by a single Combat Engineer at any one time.

Be Forewarned, standing near a friendly Spitfire can cause your death as this remote weapons platform will not only shoot straight at friendly soldiers standing between them and any enemies it can see, but can also be destroyed by snipers with only two shots. When destroyed the Spitfire creates a large explosion capable of killing all infantry in close vicinity as well as damaging Vehicles.

Players trained in the art Data Corruption can corrupt the programming of enemy Spitfire Turrets with their T-REK, causing them to shoot at friendlies, rather than enemies. The only way to find out if a Spitfire has been infected, is to walk into its line of fire, and see if it shoots you. This, however, is not recommended.

Motion Sensor Alarm

The sensor net integrated into the facilities is quite advanced, however, the range is limited. By utilizing deployable motion sensors, the sensor net can be extended. In addition, motion sensors can detect cloaked and radar-supressive units. This can be counteracted by the Sensor Shield Implant. Motion sensors can be disrupted using Jammer grenades and Command EMPs, however these will not destroy them. Up to 20 Motion Sensors can be deployed by a single Combat Engineer at any one time.

If certed in Expert Hacking, a player can use their T-REK to alter the programming of an enemy Motion Sensor, causing it to display all friendlies as enemies on radar. The next time you want to boomer that red dot coming around the corner, you better make sure it's really an enemy!