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Medium Battle Tank

 and a
Vanguard square off
and a Vanguard square off

The collective group term for the Empire Specific tanks available through the Armored Assault II Certification.

Also known as MBT's, these vehicles all require a separate driver and gunner, have around 3500-4500 points of armor and are generally designed to counter other vehcular threats in an attempt to dominate outdoor battlefield areas, although specific capabilities vary:

  • New Conglomerate Vanguard: Large Main Gun (150mm), Low Profile, Gunner AI/AA Secondary Mode, Low Shell Arc, Largest Armor

All three vehicles can generally shrug off AI weapon fire, and are only really threatened by concentrated Anti-Vehicular weaponry from multiple units, minefields, air strikes, or other armor. At full speed, all three cause signficant damage to any infantry units when driven over (see: Transportation Citation)

All Medium Battle Tanks are considered to be 'enclosed' for driver armor purposes, and so may not be driven while wearing the Reinforced Exo-Suit.