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BFR Mayhem

BFR Mayhem was PlanetSide's first play event, marking the introduction of BattleFrame Robotics into the game.

This event started with a week in which every character was permitted to pilot a BFR. However, the BFR was unstable, and many of its systems would break down, or worse, exploded at random instances, killing the pilot.

At the end of the week, during that weekend, the second part of the event began:

All over the planets of the Auraxian System, Monolith Units began spawning. Their spawning would turn every facility and tower on the planet Neutral. The goal was to move the Monolith Unit from the Monolith to the Capitol's Main terminal.

In order to succeed, each Empire had to capture facilities in order to capture the Capitol. (This requires holding two Sub-Capitols.) The result was a race to hack the facilities, find the Monolith, capture the Capitol, and move the Monolith Unit to the Capitol.

Winners of the event for each Server were posted on the main forums. The prizes were as follows:

  • 2nd place: Only 7 Cavern captures required for a soldier to get their BFR Imprint
  • 3rd place: The standard 10 Cavern captures were required for a soldier to get their BFR imprint.

These winning conditions were in place for two weeks after the event, after which, soldiers from all 3 Empires had to get the full 10 Cavern captures for their imprint. (Note: The method for gaining the BFR Imprint was changed in a later patch to require 5 Cavern Captures and 75 kills within the Caverns for all soldiers.)