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Armor Siphon

Certification Required BattleFrame Robotics
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Armor Siphon
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Internal Capacitor
Range 35m
Inventory Dimensions BFR Pilot Weapon
Magazine Capacity 100
Zoom None
Note Capacitor recharges when not in use

Armor Siphon

The Armor Siphon is a BFR pilot weapon. Like the NTU Siphon, each empire has their own unique model of the Armor Siphon, but they all function identically.

The Armor Siphon is a close range weapon effective only against vehicles (not MAXs or infantry). The weapon bypasses any shields the vehicle has and damages the vehicle. If your BFR is damaged, the armor that you take off of the enemy is "siphoned" into your BFR and repairs you. Note that status damages, such as sensor arrays will NOT be repaired by the armor siphon. You must repair your BFR by other means to fix damaged systems. The armor siphon does not use any ammo, but rather uses a capacitor that recharges automatically when not in use. The capacitor has enough energy to kill the equivalent of an ANT in armor. More heavily armored targets will require a brief recharge.

Jammer Grenades and EMP blasts will disable the armor siphon completely for a short time (unlike traditional BFR weapons that simply receive rate of fire penalties).

The best (and almost the only practical) use of this weapon is in conjuction with the NTU Siphon in attacking enemy BFRs. By using the NTU Siphon to EMP the enemy, then using the Armor Siphon to bypass their shields, the enemy BFR can be destroyed fairly quickly.