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Facility Linked Benefit

Each type of base facility carries with it a unique benefit for the Empire holding that base. These benefits can be linked to other facilities via the Continental Lattice. A facility can enjoy many benefits from mulitiple bases through direct and indirect chains of links.

Facility Linked Benefits, or FLB, can be interupted if the base is hacked by the enemy, if the generator is destroyed, a Virus is uploaded into the Main Terminal, or the base runs out of NTU and goes neutral. Any facility linked to this incapacitated base, directly or via a chain of bases, will lose that base's benefit (except viruses, which affect only the infected base).

This system is a similar one used for Cavern Modules.

Icons on the Continental Map represent each type of benefit associated or linked to that base.

Available Facility Benefits

Shield Generators: Each vehicle has a shield generator installed in it. When they enter an Amp Station's SOI or the SOI of a facility linked to an Amp Station, the shield will begin charging at 5 armor/second up to its maximum strength, which is 20% of the vehicle's base armor. After the shield takes damage, it can recharge again if it is within a friendly SOI though any armor damage done to the vehicle will remain until it is repaired by an Engineer or at a Repair Panel. If a driver takes a shielded vehicle outside of the friendly SOI, the shield will remain, though it will not recharge if it takes any damage until the driver returned to an Amp Station's SOI or any SOI linked to an Amp Station. See Vehicle Armor for a list of vehicle shield strength and the time to fully charge the shield.

Rearm and Repair pads and silos provide a quick and easy way for vehicles to repair damage. Each facility is equipped with one or more aircraft landing pads and two ground panels that will perform this function. When a player is in control of a vehicle, they can approach either the pad or panel, depending on whether they are controlling an aircraft or a ground vehicle, and remain stationary to begin the repair process. Aircraft do not need to land on the pad, but they must remain near the pad to be repaired. Similarly, ground vehicles will be repaired automatically if they remain stationary near the Repair and Rearm Panel. Multiple vehicles can use the pads or panels at once. (source: online manual)

Replenishment of vehicle ammunition has since become a free feature for all bases, regardless of a link to a Dropship Center. See Repair/Rearm Silo. Note: Ancient Tech Vehicles (Flail and Switchblade) require the Vehicle Module benefit to be repaired and/or rearmed, and will not be repaired with the Dropship Center benefit alone.

  • Interlink Facility - (Benefit icon: Radar) Enhanced RADAR abilities at all linked facilities.

Facilities linked to an Interlink Facility will gain certain enhancements to their RADAR systems. All enemy vehicles will appear on RADAR, except for deployed Advanced Mobile Stations, Harassers, Mosquitos, and Wasps. All running enemy infantry, including cloaked Infiltrators, will appear on the RADAR. Enemy infantry, including cloaked Infiltrators, will appear on RADAR if they are within a Spitfire Turret or Motion Sensor's detection radius, regardless of whether they are moving or not.