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 on Solsar with
Force Dome activated
on Solsar with Force Dome activated

One facilty on each Empire's Home continent is designated as the Capitol. During the Post-Bending era, control of this facility gave the dominating empire use of the continental warpgates as broadcast warpgates.

Each Capitol is linked to 4 Sub-Capitol facilities. Control over at least two of these Sub-Capitols activates an impenetrable (for opposing Empires) Force Dome over the Capitol.

The Capitol's generator and hack status do not affect the operation of the Force Dome. Only the ownership status of the Sub-Capitols will deactivate it. (Capitol generators affect facility equipment, as normal. The Capitols' control console affects only the hack status of the Capitol, which is independent of the Force Dome status. Thus, a hack on the Control Console can still complete - even though the Force Dome is up.)

The Capitol's Control Console cannot be hacked unless an opposing Empire owns at least two of the Sub-Capitols for that Capitol.

Orbital Strikes cannot be triggered over a capitol, or in close proximity of one, regardless of the Force Dome status.

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