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Galactic Lattice

Refers to the links between continents and planets in the Post-Bending Auraxis. Similar to the Continental Lattice, the Galactic Lattice allows Empires to teleport from planet to planet, or to the caverns, via warpgates, broadcast warpgates, and geowarps.

The Galactic Lattice is viewable from the Interstellar Map.

History of the Galactic Lattice

The Galactic Lattice has undergone three major revisions from its original configuration.

Launch (May, 2003)

Auraxis was originally presented as being a single planet. Each Empire had three home continents, with Searhus being the only continent not directly linked to any Sanctuary. The introduction of Core Combat did not significantly change this, only added the rotating Geowarps in order to provide access to the Caverns. The links between warpgates on each continent are fixed. Except for the HART, there is no way to get to a continent except by moving through any intervening continents.

The Bending

With "The Bending", Auraxis is split up into 13 "planets" and six "asteroids" on which the continents and caverns now reside. At the same time, the continent of Oshur is broken up into four Battle Islands. It is at this point that the Galactic Lattice came into existence. Additionally, while warpgate connections are generally fixed, if an Empire can capture a continent, all warpgates on that continent will become Broadcast warpgates, providing instant access to continents/planets that are normally several hops away.

Additionally, Empires no longer have any home continents, and all warpgates on their Sanctuary are broadcast warpgates. Because of the geometry of connecting the continents, some warpgates became inactive.

One Home Planet

Due to overwhelming community calls for a "home turf" to defend, the Lattice is changed again to give each Empire a single home planet (continent). The functionality for Broadcast warpgates remains essentially the same, but now each Sanctuary is "hardwired" to one of the planets.

Two Home Planets

The Lattice was changed again to its current configuration of two home planets and inter-planet links were again shuffled around. Additionally, the Broadcast Warpgate functionality was changed. Now, instead of needing to hold the Capitol facility on the planet, an Empire needs to control the planetary lattice links between warpgates for them to be broadcast warpgates. This also has a beneficial side effect in allowing zones without Capitols (Oshur Battle Islands, Caverns) to be able to have broadcast warpgates.

Home Planet Rotation

To give players a change in gameplay, the Lattice was changed once more. All home planets were rotated to a different empire, changing the links to each planet. The Vanu Sovereignty acquired Forseral and Ceryshen, the Terran Republic was granted Solsar and Hossin, and the New Conglomerate was given Amerish and Esamir. This was done so that each empire can experience battles from a different perspective.