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Live Version 3.3.7 (January 28, 2005)

Features Merit Commendations are currently on the live servers. Check out the full list In Game.


  • ANTs
  • The ANT can now be deployed from inside the vehicle.
  • The ANT will be able to restore a neutral, unhacked facility.
  • ANTs will no longer undeploy if a neutral facility it is refilling is hacked by another empire.
  • Destroyed ANTs will no longer be able to continue refilling the NTU Silo.
  • BFR's
  • The VS BFR laser will have Damage Degradation.
  • The VS BFR Laser weapon changed to 175m range.
  • Corrected issue leading to the VS BFR's Laser's not displaying past 70m range.
  • Corrected an issue where the Flight variant capacitor recharge rate was different when walking versus flying
  • Changed the BFR shield "flash" display to not play continuously at some damage levels.
  • Slightly adjusted Medium Battle Tank damage vs. BFR's
  • Slightly increased BFR Pilot AV weapons against non BFR vehicles.
  • Reduced the max range of the TR BFR Chaingun weapon to 250 and slightly increased the effect of Damage Degradation over range.
  • Increased Flight BFR crouched regen rate to fill shields from full down to full up in 1 minute.
  • Changed BFR acquisition to 5 Cavern captures and 100 kills while in the caves.
  • Other Vehicles
  • Set the Fury and all Assault Buggies to allow the driver to bail, regardless of speed. Other ATVs already had this property (exception: Switchblade - can't bail from Ancient Tech).
  • The Galaxy can now carry the Switchblade.
  • When viewing the map, it will now show Commanders what edit mode they are in.


  • Statistics
  • The Thunderer is back on the statistics window.
  • Statistics for Terminals, Generators and Spawn Tubes will update properly.
  • Implants
  • Hitting ZOOM and ESC multiple times while using the Range Magnifier implant will no longer cause stamina to drain forever.
  • Implants and Implant icons will update and activate reliably at all times. Previously, there were some circumstances that would not allow this.
  • Corrected an issue that would allow players to enter an enemy Sanctuary.
  • The Infiltration Suit no longer appears visible after exiting a Switchblade, Ancient Sentry Turret, Flail or Router.
  • Keymappings will no longer change when a new patch is downloaded
  • The map legend no longer shows a monolith icon for the LLU.
  • Previously, when a player having 120 health was revived, they would return with only 100 hit points. This issue is fixed.
  • The Skyguard's steering wheel no longer rotates along the wrong axis.
  • Afterburn will no longer cause flight vehicles to appear to move erratically when seen by other players.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause weapons fire after repairing vehicle.
  • The Vanguard 20mm Sound effect will no longer continue even when the gunner is firing shells.
  • The Striker will no longer circle around turrets when fired at them in tracking mode.
  • Unhacked IFF Door Locks will no longer open for enemies.
  • Vehicles will no longer deconstruct when parked under the air vehicle pads.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the NTU Silo to appear orange when it is filled.
  • Fixed several crash to desktop issues.
  • Fixed an issue where deployables could be placed directly next to each other.