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Body Armor Nano Kit

Certification Required Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Repair Friendliess
Secondary Mode Repair Self
Ammunition Armor Canister
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity 100
Zoom None

Body Armor Nano Kit (BANK)

The Body Armor Nano Kit (BANK) allows for the field repair of all armor classes. The BANK has two settings. The primary mode is used for repairing other players; the secondary mode allows for the self-repair of the user.

New Player Advice

  1. Carrying a BANK around will guarantee that you make friends in the field. Everyone loves an armor touch up. Just remember to pack an extra Armor Canister or two.
  2. When repairing, allow the person you're repairing to stand in front of you. This will allow him to "protect" you from damage, meaning that you might both survive a sneak attack.

  3. Additionally, crouching further reduces your chances of being hit, especially when behind a MAX.

  4. Whenever possible, repair any MAX unit you see.