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VR Training

in Sanctuary
in Sanctuary

The VR Training area can be found in Sanctuary, in the same building as the spawn tubes. The area is divided in to two sections; the Shooting Range and Driving Area.

Shooting Range

The Shooting Range contains a set of Equipment terminals and a large area populated with holographic enemy infantry, MAX Units and light vehicles.

While in the Shooting Range, all certification restrictions are lifted, allowing any soldier to use any of their own Empire's available equipment. (The exception to this is the Command Uplink Device, which still requires Command Rank 2 or more to requisition.)

Even though the holographic targets are largely stationary, this still provides a useful place to experiment with the various weapons in a calm and controlled setting.

It is not possible to experiment with an enemy empire's specific equipment here.

Favorites may be saved here, just as at any other Equipment Terminal. To leave the Shooting Range, enter the Teleport column in the centre of the room.

Driving Range

The Driving Area consists of a small holographic continent with similar features to one of the real temperate planets, such as Cyssor or Amerish. It is dotted with Vehicle Terminals, a BFR Shed and a Dropship Terminal, located across the bridge to the east of the start point. This island provides an excellent opportunity to gain a feel for the handling characteristics of any of the available vehicles, and their guns.

As with the Shooting Range, certification restrictions are lifted for the duration of the soldier's session here, allowing any of their Empire's vehicles to be selected and tested. Unfortunately, there are no targets in this area to practice vehicle gunnery on, apart from trees and rocks.

While not normally available, enemy empire-specific vehicles can be acquired here if your empire has locked both Home Continents of an enemy empire, or has gained enemy vehicles through an event.

There is a Repair Silo located next to the starting vehicle terminal, allowing Favorites to be saved, and BFR weapons to be changed. To exit the Driving Area, exit any vehicle, and walk into one of the columns dotted about the map.

Once VR Training is exited, normal certification restrictions apply.

(Note: This area is especially important for new recruits, as experimenting with each weapon and vehicle will grant bonus Experience Points, and it is quite easy to attain Battle Rank four in VR Training alone. This means you start active duty with ten Certification points to spend, instead of seven.)