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1st Cavalry Midget Mobile

The 1st Cavalry Midget Mobile, or 1CMM for short, is a rapid-response Outfit specializing in base captures, resecures and tower drops. We take pride in being among the best on Emerald, whether it's providing support for our fellow NC, or taking active measures and maintaining localized supremacy.

Our members, commonly known as Midgets, boast a wide variety of diverse talents and skills. Together, we form an unparalleled small force capable of tackling enormous challenges, whilst maintaining a calm, professional and engaging environment that promotes fun, teamwork and fair play.

Current Outfit Leader: Fayaz

Past Outfit Leaders: Fidelio, Xenetic

Members: 41

CR5s: 34/41

Recruitment: Mature, teamwork-oriented and contributing players should request a tryout from one of our active members. Markov & Werner applicants are also welcome, but full-time NC on Emerald is required. Tryout duration is not fixed and depends entirely on the applicant. Please contact Fayaz for details.