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PlanetSide Syndicate

PlanetSide Syndicate

"We're here to help you learn all about Planetside. We think it's an amazing creation unlike any other game out there. Of course, the rich variety in the game means there's a lot to learn on the way to becoming a loyal and effective soldier of your empire."

The Syndicate network, site, and wiki are a conception of a team of Administrators.

Upon the announcement of the (temporary, although unknown at that time) closure of PlanetSide Universe (PSU), the administrators began designing and building a site to preserve the wealth of data housed at PSU as well as establish a site with a new and broader set of services.

The intent of the Planetside Syndicate is to provide a comprehensive basic information portal for current and potential Planetside players, and in so doing, augment the currently avaliable sites and resources.

Founding Administrators: Rahl, Elana, Shamoox, rev, Hayoo, martyr

Original Participating Organizations:

PlanetSide Idealab PlanetSide Comics Syndicate Radio Network

The only website still operational, though no longer updated, is the PlanetSide Idealab.

Launch Date: January 31, 2005

Current State

PlanetSide Syndicate was last edited on February 19th,2011, and for all-intensive purposes is now a dead site. PlanetSide Forever has mirrored the site for archival purposes, as well as to build and improve on it. It is our hope that we can restore the content of PS Syndicate and shape it into a comprehensive and user-friendly wiki page for all PlanetSide players to use.