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Version 1.4 (6/11/03, 4am Pacific)

  • Continental Population Cap is now shown on the overhead map interface. This is designed to give you warning when your Empire has enough people on a continent that it is "population locked" and you won't be able to get there via Warpgate or Instant Action or Shuttle. The overhead map now shows you the percentage of maximum at a specific continent so you can easily make travelling decisions before you arrive at a warpgate.
  • The vehicle queuing system is now in place. When you select a vehicle, you will be immediately transported to the driver seat and then the vehicle will autodrive off the purchase pad (air vehicles will fly upward and away) before you gain active control of the vehicle. In addition, your purchasing request enters a "queue" if there are other players in line ahead of you. All you have to do is stay near the vehicle pad and when your turn arrives you will instantly transport to the driver's seat, as normal. If you leave the area, or if you are killed, your purchase request will be voided and your vehicle won't be created.
  • If you hit Grief Level 4 (a very rare has only happened a couple times) you will no longer be able to reenter the game. Your account will be banned. (There was a circumstance where the account wasn't being completely banned. This is now fixed.)
  • Outfit decals now work properly. Previously, only the Outfit leader saw them properly. Additionally, the outfit decals have been positioned more prominently on vehicles so that it shows off better. (NOTE to all users: If you don't see Outfit Names on players, try hitting ALT+N a couple times. One of the Name toggle settings shows player names AND outfit names.) There will be modifications to the way Outfit icons are shown on individual armors in the next patch to improve the aesthetics.
  • The Decimator icon (in your holster) now properly disappears once all three shots have been fired and the weapon is discarded automatically.
  • You can no longer /ignore GM broadcasts. (Not that you would want to...right?)
  • You should no longer see the energy coils inside the Amp Station sorting through the building walls so they are visible from outside.
  • Users are now prevented from ever being able to end up beneath the world after respawning.
  • TR MAX Dual-Cycler has been changed to do less damage per shot against infantry targets.
  • TR MAX Pounder has been changed so its explosion is slightly smaller and so that its damage-at-edge-of-explosion is slightly less also. This brings the Pounder back into balance a bit, and also reduces its grief potential somewhat.
  • The secondary firing mode of the Rocklet didn't have proper delays set on its aesthetic qualities. That has been fixed now to match the actual function of the weapon.
  • Bridges now show up on the VR Driving area map screen.
  • Added a title to the Sanctuary Respawn window so it's more obvious to most users.
  • WARNING! The Phalanx wall turrets WILL fire automatically again...if your Empire owns an Interlink Facility somewhere on the same continent. Beware the auto-turrets if you're in a flying craft!
  • The exploit with the ACE which allowed users to lay mines inside buildings has been fixed. This will no longer be possible.
  • The Boomer explosion effect now occurs as it should. The explosion will now be visible again.
  • We've added the capability to change your bandwidth settings so as to restrict or expand the maximum amount of data that you're sending/receiving.

This can help smooth out gameplay for low bandwidth users and can even allow smoother gameplay for high bandwidth users if they have the pipeline to support it.

The current default is the "Medium" setting below.

If you have a 56K modem, you should consider using the "Low" setting and see if it improves your gameplay.

If you have a "fat pipe" (T1 or T3), you can consider going with the "High" setting.

Most everyone else should be fine with the "Medium" setting.

Remember...if you experience gameplay issues at Low or High settings, you should probably revert to the Medium setting.

To change your bandwidth settings, type the following in your chat pane while logged into the game.

Low Setting /info switchboard cullwatermark 40 80

Medium Setting /info switchboard cullwatermark 80 120

High Setting /info switchboard cullwatermark 120 200