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Type ATV
Role Rapid Response/Escort
Certification Required ATV
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon Hellfire Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Used Hellfire Rocket Pack
Range 200m
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Ultra Nimble
Top speed 88 kph


The Fury is a fast all terrain vehicle (ATV) with a single side mounted two shot Hellfire rocket system. This weaponry makes the Fury one of the most feared objects on a battlefield, known to take down a full health Flight-Variant BFR in just sixteen direct hits, the fastest Time To Kill (TTK) of any vehicle mounted weapons system. However, the ATV chassis is a very vulnerable system, with only a few hundred armor points, almost anything can kill an ATV. The ATV in general is capable of cruise speeds over flat ground of 88kph and has been known to reach uncontrollable speeds of 212kph.

The other ATV variants are the Basilisk and the Wraith