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Galaxy Gunship

Galaxy Gunship
Galaxy Gunship

Type Heavy Gunship
Role Attack
Certification Required Galaxy Gunship
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon Three 35mm Chainguns
Secondary Weapon Two Ground Pounder Mortar Launchers
Ammunition Used 35mm Chaingun Bullets and Mortar Cartridges
Occupants 6 (1 Pilot, 5 Gunners)
Handling Unknown
Top speed 85 KPH

Galaxy Gunship

The Galaxy Gunship is a modified Galaxy airframe with heavy guns, and more armor. The gunship takes only 75% of all damage incident on it, making its effective armor much stronger than the regular Galaxy without increasing repair time much.

The gunship sports three 35mm chainguns and 2 Ground Pounders. It lacks the MAX passenger slots and cargo bay of the original Galaxy. The Galaxy Gunship is a beast on the battlefield, able to take on almost any single target at close to medium range. A single anti-aircraft platform is no match for the gunship.

The Galaxy Gunship can only be purchased at a Dropship Center or the Sanctuary. The purchase timer is 10 minutes.