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Type Deployable Point-to-Point Teleporter
Role Tactical
Certification Required Ground Support
Empire Common Pool (Ancient-Tech)
Primary Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Very Poor
Top speed 60 kph (41 kph over water)


The Router is a deployable teleporter system similar to the Teleporters of the caverns. The Router will allow friends (and foes) to utilize its teleporter beam to instantly move between where the Telepad is deployed and the Router.

The Telepad is acquired from a terminal in the back and takes up a pistol slot. The Telepad is simple to deploy, simply push the button of its holster and click where you wish to deploy it. The Telepad can only be deployed within a limited range of the Router (300 meters). One minute after you click, the Telepad will become operational allowing non-IFF transport. To let others take telepads from your Router, set the trunk to empire or group. Placing a telepad renders any active telepads from the same Router inactive, so be careful who you let have access.

Like most other vehicles, the Router will automatically deconstruct after five minutes if it loses ownership.

Despite being an Ancient Tech vehicle, the Router can be spawned anywhere an AMS can (does not require a Vehicle Module or Cavern Lock). Similar to an AMS, you can gain Support Experience Points by owning a deployed Router (or deploying a Telepad for one) that friendlies use and then go on to score kills.

The Router can be loaded in a Lodestar, but you must drive it in sideways (after you lower the gate, turn and strafe your way in) to work. The router, like all Ancient Tech vehicles, can travel over water (but cannot deploy on water). Due to its small saucer-like cross section and relatively heavy armor, the router can be difficult to destroy.