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Live Version 3.4.8 (February 27, 2005)

BattleFrame Robotics Changes

  • BFRs are now affected by a water timer and can stay fully immersed for up to 60 seconds.
  • While underwater, BFRs will move moderately slower than when on land.
  • Flight BFR jet packs are now disabled while they are submerged.
  • Moderately reduced the Flight BFR's capacitor and vertical flight capabilities.
  • Adjusted the Colossus Gunner movement rate up slightly to better match the other gunner BFRs.
  • Slightly lowered the Flight BFR's total shield size (from 3,000 damage absorbed to 2,500)
  • Adjusted the Flight BFR's armor small arms fire absorption (from 7 damage taken off per shot to 5 damage taken off per shot)


  • Corrected an issue that could have keymaps blank out after exiting and re-entering game
  • Changed the Cavalry Pilot (Bronze) Merit to correctly allow people who have the Qualification Merit to advance.
  • Fixed a problem that could leave you only able to respawn at the Sanctuary after you died and were looking at other system maps.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur during shutdown