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Field Deployment Unit

Certification Required Assault Engineering or Fortification Engineering or Advanced Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Deploy TRAP (Fortification Engineering)
Secondary Mode Deploy One-Manned Field Turret (Assault Engineering)
Tertiary Mode Deploy Aegis Shield Generator (Assault Engineering)
Ammunition Field Deployment Unit
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle holster)
Magazine Capacity 1
Zoom None

Field Deployment Unit (FDU)

The FDU is required to deploy the TRAP for the Fortification Engineers, and Aegis Shield Generator and One-Manned Field Turrets for the Assault Engineers.

It is as big as the largest Rifle in your inventory, and is consumed when used to deploy something.

Like ACE devices, the FDU devices owned by you show as a different color in the gameworld and on the Continental Map. They can also be deconstructed by double clicking on their icon on the continental map and selecting to deconstruct them.

Soldier carrying 2 FDU's
Soldier carrying 2 FDU's