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The Chainblade Massacre

The Chainblade Massacre is an event held during the Halloween period (October/November) of 2006-2008.

Assassins were present and merits handed out only during the 2006 event, though the general gameplay is the same for all years.



This isle is a barren wasteland in the middle of the salty sea. However, this Halloween, it's not going to be great tank country this season.

On Halloween and the days surrounding, they'll be no trick or treating in PlanetSide. The blood of the enemy will spill on the dunes that stretch across the island of Extinction, but it will not spill from ammunition of firearms nor from the explosion of rockets. No! The blood in this battle will spill only from combat knives. It will be bloody. It will be dangerous. It will be the Chainblade Massacre.

Upon entering the massacre lands, soldiers will be subject to the following:

  • Infiltration Suits and standard armor. Soldiers will zone in with standard armor but upon death, they will be given infiltration suits. It is a good idea to grab an infiltration suit upon entering the zone. If you choose not to, you will soon realize why.
  • Empire specific knives will be your only protection against that which lurks in the shadows
  • The only vehicles available are Wraiths, AMS, and ANTs.
  • Empire specific Jack-o-lanterns will replace the backpack corpses.
  • Before joining the massacre, we advise careful planning of your implants. With so many spooky ghosts and ghouls around, you'll probably want to have Darklight handy.
  • Each empire will have a predetermined base. Hacking of the bases will be permitted and you will receive experience. However, if the death toll has risen to a certain level within the SOI, the base will be recaptured to the previous empire for corpse retrieval.
  • Assassination attempts and moreā€¦

Come join the battle and the ghoulish fun.


Off in the distance, you hear a voice yelling, "Stop him! He's one of them!"

Within the Terran Republic a secret assassination organization formed up after a difference of opinions about empire assault tactics and other confidential matters. This organization vowed to take down high officials not only in the Terran Republic but within the other empires as well. Did they consider themselves the true fourth empire? No. They considered themselves the new rulers of the Auraxian System overall and plotted to destroy all three empires.

High officials in the Terran Republic discovered information about this organization after a failed assassination attempt. The assassin was quickly slain after vital information had been beaten out of him. The other members of the organization got word that their secret had been discovered so they immediately went into hiding. Some remained hidden within the Terran Republic, while others scattered into the New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovereignty empires. They continue to remain in contact with each other. In order to remain out of sight, they changed their tactics and decided to cloak their way to victory quietly.

Each empire has offered a merit reward to anyone who "infiltrates" the organization and assassinates the assassinators. However, assassinating someone hidden within your own empire will not be rewarded and will result only in grief. The organization member names have not been discovered but soldiers killing a member will secretly find themselves rewarded with the merit.