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New Conglomerate Galaxy
New Conglomerate Galaxy

Type Dropship
Role Heavy Troop Transport
Certification Required Air Support
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon 2 20mm Recoilless Cannons, 1 20mm Rotary Chaingun
Secondary Weapon -
Ammunition Used Recoilless Cannon Bullets
Occupants 12-15 (Pilot, 3 Gunners, 6 Passengers, 2 MAX Units, plus a vehicle and passengers)
Handling Very poor
Top speed 84 kph (152 with Afterburners)


The Galaxy is a huge aircraft capable of carrying 9 infantry and 2 MAX units, as well as the pilot and any passengers of vehicles in its cargo hold. A full squad can be transported easily, leaving the driver and gunners to return for other passengers.

As pictured to the right, the Pilot sits in the nose of the aircraft, the forward seat of the canopied cockpit. The tailgun operator mounts via the ladder on the starboard fuselage, sitting behind him or her, operating the aft rotary cannon remotely. The port and starboard nacelle guns are operated in a similar manner by crewmembers sitting on the appropriate sides of the tailgunner, accessible via doors in the fuselage.

The Galaxy can only be purchased at a Dropship Center or in the Sanctuary and requires the Air Support certification.

Vehicles that can fit in the Galaxy cargo hold are:

The Galaxy's apparent namesake is the Lockheed Galaxy