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Type Heavy Assault Buggy
Role Anti-Aircraft
Certification Required Assault Buggy or Light Scout
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon Flak Cannon
Secondary Weapon 12mm machine gun
Ammunition Used Flak Cannon Ammunition and Rotary Chaingun Bullets
Occupants 2 (Driver and Gunner)
Handling Good
Top speed 80 kph


The Skyguard is the only true Anti-Aircraft vehicle in the game. It employs a flak projectile system as its primary weapon, and a 12mm machine gun as its secondary. When the flak projectile is fired at an air target, and only at an air target, it explodes, making short work of any single piloted aircraft. The Skyguard is a very fast and agile vehicle, but has very light armor.

The open cockpit of this vehicle will allow the driver to wear up to Reinforced Exo-Suit.

The Skyguard was introduced in release 1.5 in June, 2003.