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Third Anniversary of PlanetSide

To celebrate the Third Anniversary of PlanetSide, an event was held from May 19 to May 26, 2006.

This event was preceded by a series of meteor showers and earthquakes that were experienced across the different continents. Finally, on the first day of the event, these messages began arriving.

Messages from Military Command

Message 1

On this eve of chaos, Military Command of each empire uploaded a similar high priority message to all soldiers within their empires:

Attention Empire:

As you are no doubt aware, there has been an unusually high level of seismic activity lately. The cause is unclear, but the situation is being monitored closely.

It is believed that the anomalies we have witnessed cease to occur after a certain time of day and we do not expect any further events today.

Additional information will follow as it becomes available but be on high alert, as tomorrow is another day.

Message 2

This status message has been sent to soldiers of each empire from their Military Command:

Attention Empire,

The Core has breached our central mainframe and has rewritten vital portions of our replication procedures. The reasons for this attack - if it is an attack - are unclear. Our engineers are trying to get the situation under control, but for the moment the Core's reprogramming has interfered with our ability to reconstruct some vehicle matrices.

Fortunately, it appears that our enemies are suffering the same disruption, so while we are without some tools on the battlefield, we should not be at a disadvantage.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.

Damage Report

Each empire has sent the following message to members of their empire:

Finally, it is over!

Our engineers have deduced how the Core breached our central mainframe, and have strengthened our security to thwart further attacks.

We must now figure out how to undo the Core's damage. More information will follow as resolutions are made.

Although we can celebrate ending the Core's intrusions, it wasn't without loss: We are no longer able to construct the Lightning, our strongest remaining assault vehicle nor our assault ATV's.



Because of problems with the mainframe, certain vehicles can no longer be constructed for an unknown period of time.

So far, the following vehicles can no longer be constructed:

Eventually, players received messages informing them that to restore their lost vehicles, they needed to capture cavern facilities to gain nanites. Everytime a cavern locked, a status bar would reflect the change in recovery based on how much they controlled. The vehicles that were removed last, were restored first, and this process continued untill the vehicles first removed (BattleFrame Robotics) were restored again.