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Version 3.4.5 (February 22, 2005)


  • Implemented the new new Global Lattice
  • Holding certain types and combinations of continents will now yield Empire Benefits.
  • Revised Broadcast Warpgate Functionality leads to new strategic opportunities to cut enemy broadcasting.
  • Implemented the /who cr command.
  • Certifications have been reset to accomodate the following changes:
  • Air Cavalry has been broken into a certification tree. Players may first purchase Air Cavalry: Scout (gaining access to the Mosquito) for three points and then Air Cavalry: Assault (gaining access to the Reaver) for an addition two.
  • Light Scout is now a five point certification consisting of Harasser, Mosquito, Skyguard and Empire Specific Assault Buggy



  • The Lasher has a new effect which should reduce the framerate impact when facing that weapon (especially en masse).
  • Command Rank attachments (Shinguards, Wristguards, Backpacks) will now no longer be drawn at distances as they will be culled by the Level Of Detail (LOD) system, which should improve framerates in heavy fighting situations.


  • Players will not be able to use a Drop Pod to land on top of a Geowarp.
  • Players will not be able to use ATV and Buggies bail functionality to go through vehicle pad barriers.
  • ATV's will no longer float in mid-air after bailing from them.
  • Instant Action will no longer be able to bypass population locks.
  • Players will no longer be able to bypass population locks by logging in on a planet that is locked.
  • BANK's and Medical Applicators will work properly after using Instant Action.
  • Repair Silos will be able to repair Ancient Tech vehicles in Sanctuary.
  • The Router will be able to be repaired by a Lodestar.
  • ACE Deployables can no longer be placed at the end of Cavern ziplines.
  • It should no longer be possible for Enemies to be able to walk through a Capitol Force Dome.
  • Pain fields will no longer work outside of the Generator room if the door is closed.
  • Orbital Strikes should not be able to affect avatars inside of Towers.
  • The Striker will now properly aim for Deliverers (and variants) at their center, thus causing them to do full damage when those vehicles are on water.
  • The Starfire's Missile Lock will work properly after HART dropping.
  • Flail projectiles will appear properly on other clients.
  • Kill stats for the Burster MAX will update properly.
  • BFR movement sound effects will no longer keep playing on other clients when viewing the map.
  • BFR Gunner weapons should no longer become stuck after viewing the map.
  • Enemy deployables will no longer interfere with friendly deployables.
  • Fixed a crash issue related to using the BFR Terminal.
  • Fixed a crash issue that occurred if the client has no user keymap on startup.