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The Xtreme Damage Team

The Xtreme Damage Team (!!X][D][T!!) was an old outfit on the Werner server, originally created by TheBackDoorBanditCrew on January 4th, 2004. The outfit steadily grew over the years, but was never considered big. The Xtreme Damage Team was often considered by its members to specialize in spec ops, including gendrops and stealth drain & hacks. TeamSpeak was an integral part of the outfit and its operations.

During October of 2005, TheBackDoorBanditCrew stepped down and Skull-Hunter was appointed as the outfit leader.


In summer of 2005 !!X][D][T!! applied membership for the New Conglomerate Werner Alliance (NCWA) and was subsequently accepted, joining the ranks of outfits like Fight Club and 58th Marine Corp. Strong inter-outfit relations was established or strenghtened and players enjoyed great levels of teamwork and co-operation.

Though never officially announced, NCWA has since ceased to exist, and !!X][D][T!! can no longer be considered to be part of the alliance.

Current status and future

The outfit is inactive in the original PlanetSide. As for PlanetSide 2, there are concrete plans for a revival.